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General Information


T-Bones Stadium
The Kansas City T-Bones began play at T-Bones Stadium on June 6, 2003.

In 2019, the T-Bones are spending their 16th season at this award-winning facility, which brings family-friendly fun to baseball fans and non-baseball fans alike! T-Bones Stadium took only nine months and two days to complete. In that time, Titan Construction and Ehlert Development Company created a baseball stadium with a retro feel, but with all of the amenities to which fans have grown accustomed.


Features of T-Bones Stadium:

  • 4,800 fixed seats: There are 4,800 fixed seats; however, T-Bones Stadium has room for many more fans than this, with a center field party area, party decks, copious grass berm space, and a spacious concourse!
  • A spacious concourse that circles the ballpark: The concourse is approximately 25' wide, meaning there is a ton of room for fans to navigate. The field is below the sight lines of the concourse, so fans can watch the game from concession lines or anywhere on the concourse. And the concourse winds its way around the ballpark, so restless fans can walk all the way around and not miss a beat!
  • Bathrooms: Featured in the Kansas City Star, the T-Bones have a disproportionate number of bathrooms to fixed seats, and all of the bathrooms are accessible to those with disabilities. Our fans spend more time watching the game and less time waiting in line!
  • Kids' play area in full view of the field: Rainbow Play Systems has partnered with the T-Bones in each of their seasons. Next time you're at the ballpark, take a look down the right-field line and watch for the smiling faces on parents and kids. Parents can watch their children and not miss the game!
  • Seats in spitting distance of the field: There's no bad seat at T-Bones Stadium. With the seat furthest from the field at around 50' from the field of play, fans don't miss a thing, and that means the crack of the bat, chatter of the players, and hum of a fastball.
  • "Mini-monster" down the left field line: Like Fenway Park, T-Bones Stadium has a high left-field wall. Following the 2010 season, the left field bleachers were removed to re-open the space for better sightlines for fans! The stadium is also structured so that fans wandering around the concourse can stick their heads into the bullpen and watch pitchers warm up.
  • Kids' concession stand: Near the play area, there is a kid-sized concession stand with lower prices and a lower counter so the youngsters can get their own ballpark treats during the game.


There's much more than this at T-Bones Stadium.
You'll just have to come and see for yourself!