Baseball Batting Gloves

Baseball Batting Gloves

January 3, 2022

Batting gloves are an essential item for all baseball players, whether they are beginners or experts. These pieces of equipment prevent you from dealing with the ball’s sting as they improve the contact between the bat’s handle and your grip.

Batting gloves enable you to have a better rip, swing the bat easily, and hit the ball more efficiently. If you want to improve your swing, you need more practice, but you also need the best pair of baseball batting gloves. The gloves you buy will determine the quality of your swing and how your game turns out.

Baseball players spend a lot of time practicing their swings with their batting gloves. Due to this, the gloves tend to wear out, so it is crucial to choose a quality pair of gloves that can withstand greater friction. Therefore, you need to research thoroughly to find out the best gloves.

Buying the right batting gloves can be challenging; that is why we have highlighted the best baseball batting gloves you should consider.

#1. Franklin Batting Gloves

Franklin Batting Gloves

Franklin is one of the perfect and popular baseball batting gloves in the market. Among the Franklin collection, the Franklin CFX Pro Series is loved by many individuals and has been worn by top players, including Paul Goldschmidt and Gary Sanchez. The gloves have the following specifications:

  • Size: Large
  • Material: Blend
  • Color: Black and White
  • Brand: Franklin sports
  • Type of Sport: Softball and baseball

Franklin CFX Pro batting gloves are thicker, thus helping keep your hands warmer during the cold. When your hands get cold, your body gets cold too after some time. Therefore, having these pairs of gloves will be useful. Its back is also made from neoprene material that is warm and flexible.

In addition, the loves are designed to increase your grip and improve performance in all weather conditions. The Franklin CFX Pro gloves are manufactured with the PITTARDS DIGITAL sheepskin leather to provide long-term tactility and softness. They come in a wide range of colors, so make sure you choose a pair that matches the colors of your teammates.

What’s more, the gloves have a dual-layer lycra-flex bridge that makes the side flex and knuckles back areas of the gloves flexible. The gloves do not add bulk to your hands since they are made with tectonic fit inserts that accommodate flex. The quad-flex creasing on the gloves minimizes material build-up between your hands and the bat.

Moreover, the gloves have a one-piece palm that maintains a perfect grip and provides a smooth feel on any bat handle.


  • The glove is made with floating thumb technology that increases the product’s adaptability ad flexibility.
  • It is breathable, hence dries faster.
  • They offer maximum comfort.
  • The gloves allow free movement of hands.
  • They fit tightly on your hands and provide a better grip on the bat..


  • Little bit expensive.

#2. Nike Batting Gloves

 Nike Adult Huarache Edge Batting Gloves

Nike offers baseball players numerous options of batting gloves to improve their swing. Nike company is a trendsetter and has a proven track record of making top-quality sports equipment.

One of their popular gloves is the Nike Adult Huarache Edge gloves. These batting gloves are high-quality and durable pieces that players at all levels love. Their gloves offer better performance and are ideal for all players, including seasoned veterans.

Nike Adult Huarache Edge gloves have a textured leather surface that boosts your grip. The flexible overlay on the gloves ensures you maintain your focus on the plate as they prevent scrunching. The seams are strategically organized to improve the gloves’ flex and durability while gripping the bat.


  • They are made from thin leather, which provides a better feel of the bat handle.
  • They are breathable and dry faster, thus maintaining the softness and durability of the gloves.
  • They come in a variety of styles and colors.
  • The velcro on the lower parts of the glove provides a perfect fit for your hands.
  • Nike gloves have creases that allow your hands to bend and move freely.
  • They are excellent-quality gloves.


  • They are expensive. You can find comparable gloves to Nike Adult Huarache Edge at a more affordable rate.

You can find a great pair of Nike baseball batting gloves for around $25-$35. However, premium models may be expensive, starting from $40.

#3. Under Armour Batting Gloves

Under Armour Batting Gloves

Another baseball batting glove that you should consider purchasing is the Under Armour gloves. The brand has combined various materials, including nylon, polyester, and elastane, to design an exceptional product. They have become popular because they last longer than some brands.

Under Armour batting gloves come in plentiful colors and styles to add flare to the baseball game. Additionally, they feature durable leather palms, which provide a soft touch when gripping the bat and an incredible grip. The gloves have finger perforations to provide ventilation and make your hands more comfortable.

They also feature elastic cuffs to great writs support. What’s more, the cuffs provide a locked-in feel of the gloves. Under Armour batting gloves are made from HeartGear fabric with four-way stretch to add flexibility.

The materials also allow breathability to keep your hands cool and dry during the game. Plus, the gloves are characterized with synthetic overlays, which ensure maximum support and durability. You can choose from the different sizes available.

These include small (7-7.25 inches), medium (7.25-7.5 inches), large (7.5-7.75 inches), or extra-large (7.75-8 inches). To determine the right size, you need to take measurements from the base of your wrist to tip the base of your wrist. The men’s Under Armour batting gloves are sold in pairs and have an internal tag where you can mark your name and number.

To experience a durable, soft, and comfortable feel, you can try these gloves.


  • They are thicker compared to other high-quality gloves, a feature that some individuals love.
  • They fit nicely around your wrist and are more comfortable.
  • There are several colors and styles of batting gloves you can choose from depending on the flare you like.
  • They are crafted with excellent quality materials making them last longer.


  • N/A

For a durable and comfortable pair of batting gloves, try the Men’s Under Armour Clean Up Batting Gloves.

#4. Evoshield Batting Gloves

Evoshield Batting Gloves

The Evoshield baseball batting gloves have gained traction in the mart recently. Most individuals that have used them have given them positive reviews. These products have numerous unique features that you will love.

First, the batting gloves have a pocket at their back where you can keep a molding shield to protect you from injuries. Furthermore, the back contains a durable mesh to make the gloves breathable. The mesh also ensures the gloves fit tightly around your hand.

Evoshield Pro-style batting gloves have a protective gel shield that disperses impacts and offers better protection than plastic and traditional foam gear. The glove palms are crafted with Pittards digital leather with an exclusive Evoshield pattern for grip. The strategic location of the grip pattern in the fingers and heels allows for quick and effective grip and durability.

Further, the one-piece power stretch material used to make the gloves is fully breathable and creates great flexibility and comfort. With this pair of gloves, you can prevent hand injuries since it has a custom-molding hand shield. The package includes protective baseball batting gloves and a protective shield for your lead hand.

  • Brand: Evoshield
  • Color: Black and Digi Camo Red
  • Material: Leather
  • Size: xx-large
  • Sport Type: Baseball

Batting gloves complement the game’s protective gear, so you should select a good pair. The new Evoshield Pro gloves have the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Lightweight performance due to their material.
  • The gloves have a mesh.
  • For breathability and enhanced comfort.
  • The leather palm boosts your grip.
  • You can quickly adjust the gloves.


  • N/A

#5. Warstic Workman III Men’s Batting Glove

Warstic Workman III Men’s Batting Glove

The Warstic Workman III Men’s Batting Gloves are known as the toughest, long-lasting, weather-resistant, and high-performance gloves in the market. The Warstic gloves have elevated the batting gloves industry with their wide straps that completely wrap around your wrist.

The straps provide adequate support throughout the game. The Warstic Workman batting gloves are an improvement of the existing models, which had limited breathability. Crafted with polyester at the front of the hands, the gloves eliminate restrictions and allow your hands to move freely.

What’s more, they have wide, adjustable wrist straps that provide more support. Also, the long, stretch wrist band securely wrap around your wrist t offer the ultimate support. The gloves also feature a protective rubber at the back of the hand.

The palm side of the product resembles the work gloves used in the American ranch settings, while the outside part has a timeless look. These gloves are a perfect addition to your baseball batting glove collection whether you use them for your gamers or grind out several swings daily. The Warstic Workman III not only looks great but also feels great and lasts longer.


  • The palms and thumbs are made from reinforced goatskin leather, thus are durable.
  • The sticky palm and fingers provide a long-lasting grip of the bat in all weather conditions.
  • The front part of the gloves is made from lightweight polyester, which increases flexibility. It also minimizes restrictions and improves breathability.


  • N/A


Batting gloves are special tools designed to enhance your grip when holding the bat, thus allowing you to have better control and increase your swing speed. However, you should remember that gloves are not a requirement for the game. Wearing them is a preference, so you can select a pair that feels comfortable.

Although gloves are not necessary, experts recommend using them since they prevent vibrations and increase your grip on the bat. You need to consider a few aspects when looking for the ideal batting gloves: sizing, comfortability, appearance, breathability, and quality.

Sizing and quality are the most important aspects. You will want to find gloves that fit snug but are not too tight on your wrist. If the gloves are too tight, they might cut off blood circulation to your hands which may be dangerous.

In addition, the gloves should not leave too much space in the tips of your fingers. Quality will determine the longevity of your loves. If you do not want to keep buying new gloves, you should invest in excellent-quality batting gloves.

Additionally, you will also want to find great looking pair of gloves. The color and design of the glove should match your style. We have selected products with amazing features to make it easier for you to choose the best batting gloves for your next game.

Whether you are a man, youth, woman, or a softball player, you will be sure to find something that you will cherish.