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Marketing Opportunities

Advertise in Baseball

For years, advertisers have used the game of baseball to sell their wares. From the good old billboards with such taglines as “Hit Bull, Win Steak!” to baseball cards included with any product imaginable, baseball has had the power to increase name recognition and drive sales.

Advertisers have discovered that a captive audience is essential - and that sports provide that captive audience in a fun, exciting way. Be a part of tradition and use the Kansas City T-Bones to get your message across!

When it comes to demographics, the Kansas City T-Bones have what you’re looking for. With an average attendance (since their inaugural 2003 season) of 5,000, the T-Bones fan is:

• 23-54 years of age, with children

• 63% with income over $50K

• 45% over $75K

The Kansas City T-Bones are a great alternative to print, radio, television, and direct-marketing campaigns to reach your target audience and provide branding for your business. The T-Bones are FUN...WELL DONE on the field and in the advertising world.

It’s the exciting, memorable things that will keep you ahead of the pack. Whatever it is, from signage, a special promotion, marketing tables, to a between-inning contest, we are eager to work with you to ensure the success of your campaign! You dream it, we can make it happen.

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Sponsor Testimonials

“The T-Bones are not restricted by the NFL or Major League Baseball in what they can do.  They are great to work with, and we have a lot of fun with our promotions.  We have a location on Parallel Parkway, and a number of customers have come in and mentioned our promotion.”  -Bill Kryger, Owner Kryger Glass
“The T-Bones atmosphere has been a perfect place to entertain our clients.  We’ve had our suite since the T-Bones came to town and our clients look forward to joining us at the games year after year.  We use the suite for both our clients and our employees.  The family-friendly environment has been a big hit with everyone that joins us at a game.  For Kissick Construction, the T-Bones are an affordable entertainment option for the company and we believe an excellent asset for the Kansas City community.” –Pete B. Browne, Vice President, Kissick Construction
“We work closely with the T-Bones on promotions that are fun and engaging for fans, including:  an interactive kiosk; between-inning activities; and messages that support our financial literacy efforts to help break the cycle of debt in Kansas City, and help Kansas Citians become financially fit.” –Barry Brakeville, Director of Communications, CommunityAmerica Credit Union
“The T-Bones have been a great partner and work with us to achieve our marketing goals.  As a small business themselves, they are cognizant of how business runs, and how to utilize customer service to garner the most out of our relationship.  I strongly recommend the T-Bones and will continue to sponsor them in the coming years.” –Tony Riddle, Owner, T-Ray Specialties

Fan Testimonials

I would like to thank the TBones organization for a wonderful experience.  This was the first time at the stadium for me and I have become an instant fan.

I plan to be back for more games.  Your stadium is wonderful and it was a thrill to be there.

Thank you so much for making my first time at a T-Bones game so special.

Bottom line we had a great time and we will be back.

There was so much going on.  The announcer was having a great time, everyone who was working said, "Welcome," "Thanks for coming," and “Hope you have a great time!”

The field is in tremendous condition and the prices of the game and concessions were very reasonable.

The people are great and I thank the ownership for bringing a great organization in Kansas.