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Inside the Clubhouse with Kenny Durost

02/17/2008 11:41 PM -

This week you ask Kenny Durost about his time in baseball and about his best memories in Inside the Clubhouse.

What has been your best moment in baseball?
Janet – Kansas City, KS
The best moment I had came when I found out I had been drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers back in 2003.  I remember talking with my father that day about how it felt like a relief and then saying the Brewer's?  It was a very exciting moment for me and I don't think I will ever forget it.
Thank you for your dedication and hard work in 2007.  How are you preparing for 2008?
Donna & Bill – Shawnee, KS
This off-season has been different than in the past in that I took some extra time off to rest and recover from the season.  At this point I am really just focusing on building strength and endurance for the upcoming season.
On our hot summer afternoon games, how do you battle the heat?  Do you think it impacts how you pitch?  How could we improve conditions in the bullpen? 
The main thing I tried to do before I pitched was to drink a lot of water and stay inside, out of the heat, as much as I could.  I would even go out to the field to stretch and warm-up as close to game time as I could. I definitely think the heat has an impact on how I pitch whether it be sweat dripping in my eyes during a pitch or not being able to get as good of a grip on the ball as I want.  But, baseball is a game of adjustments and it's just something that you have to work through in those conditions. 
In response to the bullpen conditions, if it were up to me, I would have an enclosed, climate controlled seating area.
How was your experience at the Northern League All-Star Game in Fargo last summer?  How many All-Star Games have you been to and how do they differ?
Theresa – Liberty, MO
The Northern League All-Star game was a pretty fun experience for me as this was my first one.  It turned out to be a close game and I ended up closing out the game out and picked up the save.  It was really exciting and I'm glad I was able to participate in it and represent the T-Bones with Aahron.
What do you do in the off-season?
Brad – Blue Springs, MO
In the off-season, I like to take some time to relax and go fishing.  California has some great places to camp and fish and it can really take your mind off of baseball.  A lot of my family will all go with us and it is a great way for me to catch up with them on all of the things I missed throughout the year.  It's funny though, that no more than a month later that I will already be thinking about the upcoming baseball season.   

What was your favorite thing about playing in Kansas City?
Craig – Lenexa, KS
Kansas City is a great place to play baseball. From the large fan base to the great field conditions- all have made this my favorite park to play at in the Northern League.  But, my favorite thing about Kansas City is the barbeque.  There were so many good barbeque restaurants that I had a hard time deciding which one to eat at next.  That's some good eatin’ out there. 
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