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Inside the Front Office with Sarah Keel

02/29/2008 4:32 PM -

This week you ask T-Bones new Director of Ticket Sales Sarah Keel what to expect for this season.

Are there any changes to how we can get tickets this year?
Les – Olathe, KS
Nothing has changed as to how you can purchase tickets.  Last season we added the option of purchasing the tickets in our TeamStore in the Legends Shopping Mall during the store hours of 10 a.m to 9 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.  Other than that you can still purchase tickets at the box office, by calling (913) 328-BALL, by going on-line at, or by visiting local CommunityAmerica branches.  We want to make purchasing tickets as convenient for fans as possible, which is why we have all these options.  If anyone ever has any difficulties ordering tickets we encourage fans to call or come up to the Box Office at the stadium and we will be there to ensure an easy process.

When will tickets be available online?
Robbie – Gardner, KS
Tickets will be available on-line at the same time they will be available to Wyandotte County residents on March 20th and to the rest of the public on March 22nd at 10:00 a.m.  The quickest way to purchase on-line is to go to, click on tickets at the top, and click on Single Game Tickets.  This will take you to the Ticket Return web site where you can pick the date you are looking for and the seats you want.  You can then print off your e-tickets at home and bring them to the ballpark or have them placed in Will Call and pick them up once you get to the stadium.  Again if any one ever has trouble with on-line ordering please call us at (913) 328-BALL and we will walk you through the process.

What will the view be like from the new bleachers?
Larkin – Piper, KS
Great! The best part of CommunityAmerica Ballpark is that every view is great! The new bleachers are taking the place or the left field berm and will extend out past the left field wall as well.  So you will enjoy actually having a reserved seat in the left field area and seeing the game from a new angle right behind left field.  We are very excited to see how this new seating will shape the ballpark.  I think the fans are going to love having these new options.

What goes on in the tent in centerfield and how can I get access to it?
Ron – Bonner Springs
The tent in centerfield is one of our group sales options.  It is for groups that bring out 50 people or more to a game.  In the tent you will find BBQ, drinks, and tables set up to eat with your group.  This is a popular option for many groups and a very fun experience.  You get your choice of 3 entrees, 2 side items, and two drink tickets (beer, soft drinks or bottled water) and the chance to sit down and spend some time with your group before going to see a T-Bones win (we hope)!  If anyone would like more information on this item please call (913) 328-5623 and we will help you.

What is the best perk of being a season ticket holder?
Millard – Edwardsville, KS
The best part of being a season ticket holder is getting to be a part of such a great organization.  These fans are very dedicated and we appreciate them taking time to come to 48 games each year plus exhibition games and playoff games we hope!  We have season ticket holders that have been here since day one in 2003, and have missed very few games in between which shows a lot of pride.  I know most of them love the preferred parking passes, the choice of their favorite seats, the option to use the tickets as gifts or donating them to local charities, and all of the fun giveaways each year.  We enjoy getting to see them during the season and hearing their opinions on what they think of the activities on and off the field.  These customers are very important to us and it is so great to see the following we receive from them each year.

If you can’t make it out to all 48 games, what are the other options to be a ticket holder?
Jesse – Lee’s Summit, MO
We have lots of different options.  We know it is very hard for people to make it out to all 48 games so we offer half-season plans and mini plans to accommodate everyone. The half-season plans let fans pick 24 games of their choice and still enjoy the perks of being a season ticket holder.  The mini plans start at 4 games of your choice and allow fans to guarantee their specific seat for each of those games.  We have lots of plans such as The Slammin’ Sunday and the Fantastic Friday packages, but we also allow fans to customize plans to fit their specific needs.  With our crowds increasing each year we know many times people come out and we are sold out of everything except berm seating.  This is a way fans can make sure they get the seats they want, to the games they want, and will not even have to wait in line.  All of our ticket plan information is available on-line at under tickets, or call (913) 928-BALL and we will pass along any information you will need.  Our mini plans are some of my favorite options we provide.  This is the chance to get the benefit of selecting your seat along with your favorite games and getting to be a big part of T-Bones baseball. 

Is there still going to be berm space available?
Trevor – Cameron, MO
Absolutely!  This is one of the fun options in the ballpark and it will still be available for our fans.  The berm area will stay the same from right to right center field.  Fans can still bring out their blankets and let the kids run around as always.  These tickets will stay at $6.00 and we are sure this will still be a very popular option.

What has kept you busy in the off season?
Bill and Donna – Shawnee, KS
This off season I have been busy learning a new position for the T-Bones. I was the previously the merchandise director and just moved into the ticket department this winter.  This has been a very exciting and challenging move for me within the T-Bones and I have had a lot to learn.  I am very excited as we get closer to the season and can’t wait for my first summer in this new position.  Other then that I have been finishing my MBA at Rockhurst University and finding time to take a few small vacations until the season starts back up!

For the fans that are unable to manage the steps, will we see additional seating? 
We will see an increase in handicap seating this year.  There will be a couple new locations that will allow these fans to see the game in some of the best spots in the ballpark.  We want to be able to accommodate all of our fans and their individual needs and we hope with an increase in this seating we will be able to do this better than ever before.
Will there still be the folding chair option?
Yes, the folding chair will continue to be an option for fans.  Folding chairs are a dollar and can be rented by fans that want to be in the berm area, but not on the grass.  These can be set up just past the grass on the concourse at all of our games and have become a very popular option. 

Any tours of the suites or special promotions to experience the game from a suite?
Tours are offered for the whole ballpark all the time.  These can be set up by calling (913) 328-5618.  This holiday season we offered the chance for fans to win a suite night for a 2008 game with the purchase of $100 or more in the TeamStore. This was one of our All-You-Can-Eat Suites sold during the season for $1350.00. This was a very fun promotion and was won by one of our Season Ticket Holders.  We will have this promotion available next year as well.  If any one would like a tour of the suites and learn more about what is offered with them, we will be happy to take you on a tour, just give us a call!

I am really excited for this upcoming season.  There are going to be a lot of changes with the addition of the Wizards and I can’t wait to see how this season will go.  We are working very hard right now to get everything ready and hope the fans are as excited as we are.  If anyone has any questions, please call me at (913) 328-5640 or e-mail me at Remember single game tickets go on sale March 20th for Wyandotte County Residents and March 22nd for the general public. See you this spring!

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