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All-Star Break Begins Today

07/07/2008 8:00 AM - As the first half of the Northern League season comes to a close, the T-Bones players will take advantage of the three-day break to catch up on some rest and relaxation.  Here’s a look at what some of the players are up to.

Pitcher Brady Martinez, from Price, Utah, will stay in the Kansas City area and enjoy his time off.  “We have the second half coming up, so this is our break to get caught up on rest,” said Martinez.  Without a doubt, Martinez will workout everyday to stay in shape.  He also plans on taking a long bike ride and golfing with his friends and players on the team.

Pitcher Bobby Carrington just arrived with the T-Bones from Boston, Ma., this season.  Carrington played ball as a pitcher for his alma mater, Northwestern University, before coming to the Midwest.  For the all-star break, Carrington plans on getting as many holes in on the golf course as possible with Martinez.  Carrington is also thinking about purchasing an 18-speed bike and riding around the town. 

Carrington will keep up with his workout regimen “to be able to come out in the second half of the season and contribute as well as I can to help the team succeed as a whole,” said Carrington.

Infielder Geoff McCallum from London, ON, Canada, will stay around the area as well.  For the break, McCallum plans to get a couple of massages and layout by the pool.  He wants to cook up a nice dinner and make some calls to his family up north.  McCallum will also workout and practice at the ballpark in preparation for the rest of the 2008 season.

“I’ll use these days to refresh and recharge my batteries for the start of the second half,” said McCallum.

The players will be ready to bring you a great second half of the season! Rest up fans because the next time you’ll see the T-Bones will be July 14 for a seven-game homestand.  Listen to the All-Star game Tuesday night, click on the Listen Live button on the home page.
Here are the players headed to the game.
    Aharon Eggleston
    James Fasano
    Kevin Mahar
    Kenny Durost
    Tag Horner
    David Trahan