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T-Bones Front Office Pick Rays to be Champions

10/22/2008 9:02 AM -
In an intraoffice poll the Tampa Bay Rays are projected to prevail as champions of the baseball world. The World Series which starts tonight was predicted by nine members of the T-Bones front office staff that was decided by a 6-4 vote.
“They (the Rays, we think) are better,” said T-Bones broadcaster and media relations director Tommy Thrall. “What more do you need to know, the better team usually wins these things. It’s not like it’s the BCS these are two deserving teams, but I think they’re (again pretty sure the Rays) better.”
Thrall says he picks the Rays to win the series but went on to say that he thinks it will be a competitive series that will likely go all seven games.
“I think the Rays will win because they took the Devil out of their name,” said T-Bones box office manager Sarah Keel. “At least that’s what all the Floridians think.”
“I think Ryan Howard, Pat Burrell, and Chase Utley in the heart of the order, and Jimmy Rollins at the top, is just way too much for the Rays to handle,” said head groundskeeper Joey Fitzgerald. “I also think that Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge in the back of the pen is too much for the Rays. It’s an absolute 7 inning game with those guys in the back of the pen.”
Joey was the only staff member that picked the Phillies that could be reached for comment.
“The Rays have a better bullpen and the Phillies are going to be hurt by their long layoff,” said a very insightful account executive Kurt Sieker.
T-Bones newly named general manager Chris Browne couldn’t be reached for comment as he is vacationing in Florida, ironically enough. Rumors are circulating that Browne went on a scouting trip to figure out his pick first hand but the teams were too evenly matched for him to make an educated decision. His dog Quincy contacted the author of this story and said he wasn’t willing to comment on the poll by the publish date.

The World Series begins tonight at 7:00 central daylight time at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.
For a complete listing of how the staff picked see below:
Adam Ehlert: Rays
Theresa Bird: Phillies
Tommy Thrall: Rays
Colin Aldrich: Rays
Sarah Keel: Rays
Michaela McCann: Phillies
Laura Hays: Phillies
Joey Fitzgerald: Phillies
Eric Marshall: Rays
Kurt Sieker: Rays
Total Tally:
Rays – 6
Phillies – 4