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A View from the Booth: Ask the Broadcaster

12/02/2008 2:34 AM -
T-Bones radio broadcaster Tommy Thrall sits down to answer your questions about the upcoming season and teams of the past.
Who is the best and worst T-Bone in team history?
Loren – Olathe, KS
That’s a great question and there have been a lot of talented players that have worn the maroon pinstripes. Obvious choices for the best player are guys that have been in the big leagues like David Segui, Ken Harvey, Bo Hart among others but as far as overall ability and the things that a player can do to change a game I have to say Greg Jacobs. He runs well, has one of the best arms I have seen at any level, and is very solid on a day in and day out basis at the plate. The way he plays the game, he is the type of guy you want on your team to be successful.
There have also been some that have realized that they aren’t ready to play at this level yet as well. Larkin Braxton comes to mind as one of those guys that could be successful, he showed that in his early performances but he got exponentially worse with every start as hitters figured him out. Statistically I think it has to be Millard Dawson. He was a great individual and a good guy to have around but he played for a couple weeks without collecting a hit. He was fast so if he could get on base he could do some damage but that never really happened.
Have you ever had a bird fly into the press box during a game?
Kurt – Lenexa, KS
Well I must admit this is one of the more unusual questions I have heard, but, I have witnessed a bird in the press box scenario. It was in Kansas City as a matter of fact but it wasn’t during a game. This was before I was a fulltime employee, somebody had left a window open in the press box after a game and a bird decided it was welcome and flew right in. It made a mess of the press box that is still getting cleaned up three or four years later. Never have I had a bird fly into the booth while broadcasting, heck I’ve never even had a baseball come into the booth while I’ve been doing a game.
Welllll, that’s not entirely true thinking about this further. I have had a bird stop by in the press box while doing a game, in Kansas City of all places. It was a T-Bird. Theresa Bird, our controller who we all know best as “T-Bird” was known to stop by for a delightful visit from time to time during games. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see her stop in and say hello. She really does a magnificent job keeping all of us in line before, during and after the season. She is really the un-sung hero in the T-Bones organization and I mean that with full sincerity.
I notice that Schaumburg isn’t playing in Kansas City on a weekend this summer, are you upset about that and is this to keep the annoying family from Schaumburg from coming to the games in KC?
Chris – Schaumburg, IL
Chris, I can’t help but laugh when reading your question. You and your family are always welcome in Kansas City as long as your wearing maroon and gold. I don’t think the folks that make the schedule have a ‘Keep Chris out of Kansas City’ stipulation. I could be wrong, but if they do I’m not aware of it. Hopefully you will be able to compile some vacation time and make it down to CommunityAmerica Ballpark this summer to watch your two favorite teams. We always enjoy having you in town.