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T-Bones Staff Selects Rangers in World Series Poll

10/19/2011 8:11 AM -

In the fourth annual intraoffice poll, the T-Bones front office has chosen the Texas Rangers as the 2011 World Series Champions. The Rangers are making their second straight World Series appearance after falling to the San Francisco Giants in last year’s series. St. Louis won their 18th National League pennant and looks for their 11th World Series title. The T-Bones staff has chosen the series winner correctly in two of the last three years.

With a tally of 6-4, the 10 members of the office staff chose the Rangers with nine of the 10 saying the series would go at least six games.  A win would give Texas their first championship in franchise history.

The T-Bones new box office manager, Jason Young, will be extra focused during the coming week.

“Being 10 games out in August, then around eight games out at the first September, and five games out with three to go,” Young said, “I didn’t think the Cardinals had a chance; but hey, its baseball. Anything can happen!  Stan (Duitsman) picked his team (the Giants) last year to win and they did, and hopefully we continue the pattern in the T-Bones front office and the Cards take it in six. They may need a couple rally squirrels.”

Emily Hoskins, the T-Bones’ promotions director, has a different take.

“Texas,” Hoskins added. “Because how can you deny those colors of the Kansas Jayhawks…and America.”

Duitsman, who still enjoys watching highlights from last year’s Fall Classic, has just one wish for the upcoming matchup.

“I’m indifferent to the outcome of the series,” Duitsman said, “and I hope for just two things: a good, competitive finale to the 2011 season; and that Nolan Ryan can get (Tony) La Russa in a headlock and beat him Robin Ventura-style. I think that’s a movement everyone in the U.S. can get behind.” 

The World Series begins on Wednesday night at Busch Stadium with first pitch set for 7:05.

The complete staff pick list:
Chris Browne:  Rangers in 6
Stan Duitsman:  Rangers in 6
Kurt Sieker:  Rangers in 6
Rylan D. Brody:  Rangers in 5 (hopefully 4)
Jason Young:  Cardinals in 6
Ryan Thayer: Cardinals in 7
Emily Hoskins:  Rangers in 7
Alyson Nelson: Rangers in 6
Brian Bruce: Cardinals in 6
Sherrie Stover:  Cardinals in 6

Final tally:
Rangers – 6
Cardinals – 4