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A few of our favorite things

12/25/2012 2:23 PM -

For this Christmas, we thought it would be fun to have members of the T-Bones family to share personal stories, answering one or both of these questions: What’s your most memorable Christmas (or holiday) present? And, what’s your most memorable holiday tradition?

“When I was in high school, I think, a Royals book came out called “Moments, Memories & Miracles,” coinciding with the club’s 25th anniversary. The book was very popular at the time and was sold out for months. Somehow, my mom was able to get one for me. As I read through it, I was stunned to see a picture of myself! Of course, it may have had something to do with me standing next to No. 5 (George Brett). I had no clue I was in the book, but I’m guessing my mom must have had a heads up. Either way, thanks, Mom!

“As for my favorite tradition, which started as an adult and now continues with my young family, I have to watch the movie “Christmas Vacation.” From that, in true Clark Griswold style, I welcome family over to my house for the Christmas morning celebration wearing a different sports jersey every year. (Sorry, Clark, no Chicago Blackhawks jerseys in my house!)”
-- Chris Browne, T-Bones General Manager and former Royals clubhouse attendant

“For me, I think more about a tradition than a present. My brother, cousin and I would dress up as our favorite wrestlers and have a family wrestling match. Yes, that’s right a full-on wrestling match. Often, I would portray Hulk Hogan, my brother was the Ultimate Warrior and our cousin was the Steamroller (I’m not sure if this was a fictional character or not). The three of us would be supported by the female cousins of the family as the announcers, who’d also throw Monopoly money into the ring (the basement floor). Our arch enemy was “Texas Bob” – an uncle with a love for everything Texas! He even had a secret weapon – nose hair clippers! That scared us to death as kids!

“I don’t remember the total tally after several years of holding the annual Christmas wrestling matches – just a fond memory of an absolutely ridiculous tradition that happened to take place on Christmas. There is even some old video footage out there somewhere! Sadly, we have all grown older and larger and have given the tradition up. Grandchildren have started to flourish within the Alberg family in the past couple of years, so sometime down the road a reunion match may just develop. That is, of course, after completing exaggerating story after story over the years about how the dynamic trio completely dominated “Texas Bob” in the ring every Christmas!”
-- Seth Alberg, Sr. Director of Corporate Sales

“I would probably say the most memorable present actually was one I didn't get but one that my little brother got. I was probably 10 or 11, which means my brother was only 6 or 7. The present was too big to be under the tree but he was told to open the window blinds to our back patio where a brand new Yerf Dog go-kart was sitting outside the window. I was a little jealous that my parents didn't consider me a candidate but quickly got over it with my brother sharing. Plus, my older brother and I already shared one – even though it didn’t go as fast as the new one. I was more amazed at how my parents were able to hide it so well.

“As far as traditions, the most memorable was how our whole family of six used to spend Christmas at my grandparents’ four-bedroom, three-bathroom house along with my uncle's family of five and aunt's family of four all under the same roof. I don’t know how we all did it under one roof…although the tradition ended quickly when we got older.”
-- Justin Bass, T-Bones outfielder

“Without a doubt, this is my favorite time of the year for several reasons, but one – at least when I was younger – was Santa. I don’t remember exact years, but these probably are four of my favorite Christmas presents throughout my childhood: a Fonzy (from “Happy Days”) jacket; a Tyco race car set; and a Lionel train. (By the way, I was an only child for my first 10 Christmases and although our family wasn’t wealthy, we were blessed.) The fourth present among those favorites would be Stretch Armstrong. (You probably can Google it if needed.) Funny thing is that Stretch eventually got relegated to our attic, where he lost his, uh, guts. A few years ago, when that house was on the market, my wife and I looked at it. We went inside the walk-in attic where, sure enough, Stretch Armstrong's stain remains.

“As I’ve gotten older, I realize it’s more about what legendary basketball coach Don Meyer calls the “3 Fs” of Faith, Family and Friends. And the traditions, ranging from going to Winstead’s on the Plaza and then driving around and looking at Christmas lights on the Friday night before Christmas, to opening family gifts on Christmas Eve, to my wife now serving a big family breakfast on Christmas morning. It’s very cool to pass along certain traditions to our kids. And “helping” Santa.”
-- Matt Fulks, Director of Media Relations

Whatever your traditions might be, on behalf of the T-Bones, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season!