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Date Player Action Details
04/30/08 Haehnel, David Signing Signed LHP David Haehnel (LS-3).
04/30/08 DeHart, Rick Signing Agreed to terms with pitching coach Rick DeHart.
04/30/08 Smith, Hans Release Released LHP Hans Smith (LS-3).
04/23/08 Oakes, Jerry Signing Signed RHP Jerry Oakes (LS-3).
04/23/08 Core, Danny Inactive List Assigned RHP Danny Core (LS-3) to the inactive list.
04/21/08 Martin, John Signing Signed C John Martin (Rookie).
04/21/08 Michael, Mark Purchased Contract Purchased the contract of RHP Mark Michael (LS-1) from Fargo-Moorhead.
04/16/08 Cierlik, Jason Release Released LHP Jason Cierlik (LS-3).
04/10/08 Trout, Steve Signing Signed INF Steve Trout (Rookie).
04/09/08 Fasano, Jim Signing Signed 1B-DH Jim Fasano (LS-3).
04/09/08 Trahan, David Signing Signed RHP David Trahan (LS-3).
04/04/08 Snow, Anthony Signing Signed RHP Anthony Snow (Rookie).
04/04/08 Stinson, Josh Signing Signed C Josh Stinson (Rookie).
04/04/08 Kyle, Ryan Signing Signed LHP Ryan Kyle (Rookie).
04/02/08 Blacksher, Derek Signing Signed RHP Derek Blacksher (Rookie).
04/02/08 Hurba, Craig Signing Signed C Craig Hurba (LS-1).