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Date Player Action Details
05/27/09 Sattler, Daniel Signing Signed RHP Daniel Sattler (LS-1).
05/27/09 Shipman, Andy Release Released RHP Andy Shipman (LS-5).
05/27/09 Johnson, Blair Signing Signed RHP Blair Johnson (LS-4).
05/27/09 Trahan, David Release Released RHP David Trahan (LS-3).
05/12/09 Webber, Nick Release Released RHP Nick Webber (LS-4).
05/12/09 Garcia, Hiarali Release Released RHP Hiarali Garcia (Rookie).
05/07/09 Bolton, Dustin Signing Signed RHP Dustin Bolton (LS-1).
05/07/09 Martinez, Brady Retirement Announced the retirement of RHP Brady Martinez (LS-1).
05/07/09 Moser, Todd Signing Signed LHP Todd Moser (LS-5).
05/04/09 Curles, Weston Signing Signed LHP Weston Curles (LS-1).
05/04/09 Hurba, Craig Signing Signed C Craig Hurba (LS-2).