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Date Player Action Details
05/30/11 Simon, Keanon Disabled List Placed OF Keanon Simon on the disabled list (retro 5/29).
05/30/11 Garcia, Fernando Signing Signed IF Fernando Garcia.
05/28/11 Jones, Rusty Release Released LHP Rusty Jones.
05/28/11 Cook, Aaron Signing Signed RHP Aaron Cook.
05/22/11 Morrison, Wade Signing Signed RHP Wade Morrison.
05/22/11 Graham, Drew Inactive List Placed RHP Drew Graham on the inactive list.
05/21/11 Suarez, Gabriel Release Released IF Gabriel Suarez.
05/21/11 Nieblas, Luis Release Released C Luis Nieblas.
05/21/11 Jaspe, Jonathan Activation Activated C Jonathan Jaspe.
05/19/11 Stottlemyre, Clint Signing Signed IF Clint Stottlemyre.
05/18/11 Hook, Ryan Signing Signed RHP Ryan Hook.
05/17/11 White, Dwayne Activate Activated OF Dwayne White.
05/17/11 Price, Ryne Release Released IF Ryne Price.
05/12/11 Eggleston, Aharon Signing Signed OF Aharon Eggleston.
05/10/11 Ledbetter, Grant Release Released RHP Grant Ledbetter.
05/10/11 Price, Ryne Signing Signed IF Ryne Price.
05/10/11 Herrnberger, Alex Release Released C Alex Herrnberger.
05/10/11 Washington, Rico Coaches Named IF Rico Washington player/coach.
05/07/11 Nieblas, Luis Signing Signed C Luis Nieblas.
05/07/11 Suarez, Gabriel Signing Signed IF Gabriel Suarez.