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Covering the Bases: Turning two with Frank White

10/04/2012 5:28 AM -

T-Bones coach Frank White has turned a few double plays in his day. Now, in this installment of “Covering the Bases,” the eight-time Gold Glove winner is passing along his three biggest points for a second baseman when turning a double play.

Get to the base early.
“The second baseman has to get there, get his left foot on the base, and wherever the ball is, his right foot takes him to the ball.”

Shift your weight to make the throw.
“After you get to the base early, with your hands up and expecting a bad throw, keep your weight on your left foot, and then when you see where the ball is, step to the ball with your right foot, and that puts your weight shift on your right foot, which transfers back to your left foot on your throw to first base. It might sound complicated, but when you practice it, you’ll see that it’s partially about momentum as you’re going toward first.”

Get back up quickly.
“The key thing at second base is that you have to be able to be athletic enough that after you throw to first, you’re able to get up off the ground just in case, because at second base you don’t see the runner until the last minute. Obviously you have to make a lot of quick decisions in a short period of time.”

This “Covering the Bases” was compiled by Ashley Dunkak of In “Covering the Bases,” the Kansas City T-Bones explain three keys to certain aspects of baseball, giving fans an inside glimpse of the game on the field.