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T-Bones play major role in new ADA-accessible playground

12/15/2012 6:35 AM -

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – The Kansas City T-Bones, in partnership with the Wyandotte County Parks Foundation and the Unified Government, are pleased to announce the opening of the fifth ADA-accessible playground in Wyandotte County.

The newest playground, which opened officially on Wednesday, is at Wyandotte County Lake Park. These playgrounds are part of the Parks Foundation’s goal to make eight playgrounds throughout Wyandotte County accessible for all children.

“It is our privilege that we can be involved in projects that mimic what our baseball fans enjoy, which is family-friendly entertainment,” said T-Bones President Adam Ehlert. “The T-Bones Uncommitted Recreation Fund (TURF) does just that, and I am excited to see more of my favorites, which are the ADA-accessible facilities.”

“We want to upgrade all of the playgrounds in Wyandotte County, but we want to do so for all kids,” said UG Commissioner and Chair of the Parks Foundation, Dr. Mark Holland. “Once all kids are out there together, they can just be kids. That’s when wonderful things can happen.”

Financial support for these ADA-accessible playgrounds has come from TURF, the General Motors Foundation, the KCK Pilot Club and private citizens.

“The key to any progress like this playground is the partnership that we have with the T-Bones and other corporate and charitable groups,” says David Hurrelbrink, the former Chair and current Treasurer of the Wyandotte County Parks Foundation. “It might go without saying, but we’ve seen that together we can accomplish great things.”

The Parks Foundation has identified an additional $400,000 matching funds to be used over the next three years.

“The partnership with the T-Bones and the organization’s desire to be a strong part of this community has helped us get other corporate partners,” Holland said. “There’s been no greater partner in our community than the T-Bones. They have invested heavily with the TURF fund, which says they’re committed to children and families and our community. They have led the way in our community in terms of giving.”

TURF was created in partnership with the Unified Government, when the T-Bones began play in Wyandotte County in 2003, with a portion of ticket sales devoted to it. The fund is administered by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.

“We owe a special thanks to T-Bones fans,” said Ehlert. “Through their support we’re afforded the opportunity to invest this way in our community.”

Ehlert says the T-Bones are proud to have provided nearly $600,000 in funding to various Wyandotte County Parks and Recreation projects, including a skate park, a spray park, plus baseball and softball fields.

Ehlert added: “It is truly heart-warming, to see how this real partnership with the Unified Government comes together on a regular basis in support of good old-fashioned outdoor recreation.”