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This isn't your dad's ballpark food

07/07/2015 4:20 PM -


Kansas City, KS.- The Kansas City T-Bones have expanded their already fantastic selection of foods, now offering nine new choices this season! What goes better with a T-Bones home run than chasing it down with a Bullseye Burger or a Smoked Turkey Leg? Or, how about watching manager John Massarelli make a pitching change while scarfing down a Massarelli Meatball Grinder?

“You just have to try them,” said Centerplate hospitality manager Jessica Siems. “The Massarelli Meatball Grinder, for example, tastes like your grandmother from Italy could’ve made it. There are so many unique flavors and new tastes. The Taco Stand is brand new to CommunityAmerica Ballpark and they have been selling like crazy.”

Here are all of the new offerings, with a brief description that is sure to make your mouth water.

Massarelli Meatball Grinder (can be purchased at the Butcher’s Block for $8.00): Named after T-Bones manager John Massarelli, the sandwich features meatballs smothered with a zesty roasted garlic marinara sauce, topped with a five-cheese blend, all served on a toasted hoagie roll.

Walking Taco (can be purchased at Big John’s and Monarch Grill for $6.00): This portable Frito bag is topped with a spicy chili mix, jalapeno cheese, sour cream and chives that will give you just the right amount of zing here at CommunityAmerica Ballpark. 

Bacon Aoli Angus Steak Sandwich (can be purchased at the Monarch for $9.00): Freshly grilled Black Angus steak seasoned to perfection on a toasted hoagie roll, covered in a bacon aoli sauce, topped with crispy onion rings. Siems chooses this as her personal favorite of the new options. “It’s a really tender piece of quality meat,” she says. “The sauce and onion rings on it with the crunchy flavor make it a fantastic option.”

Smoked Turkey Leg (can be purchased at the Monarch for $10.00): A whopping 21 oz. smoked turkey leg, ready to be conquered if you are up to the challenge!

Bullseye Burger (can be purchased at the Monarch and Big John’s for $12.50): Named for the T-Bones’ “$100,000 Home Run” target in left field, this two-fisted behemoth is hard to handle to say the least. It’s TWO half-pound patties of grilled beef topped with two slices of cheese, lettuce and tomato and finished with crispy onion rings, all stacked between a delicious bun!

Beer Shake (can be purchased at the Stockyard, Monarch, Butcher’s Block, Feedbag, and Big John’s for $8.50): Select your favorite craft beer and we will put just the right twist on it! The traditional vanilla bean ice cream mixed into your brew with a splash of citrus syrup will send your taste buds on the journey of a lifetime!

Street Taco (can be purchased at the T-Bones Cantina for $8.00): There is nothing better than just the right taco to fill your seventh-inning stretch. The Street Taco has just the right amount of flavor to fill you up.

Burrito (can be purchased at the T-Bones Cantina for $8.00): A burrito purchased at CommunityAmerica Ballpark is the perfect way to fill your stomach. Filled with everything you need in a burrito, this purchase isn’t one you will want to miss!

Loaded Nachos (can be purchased at the T-Bones Cantina for $8.00):  The words “Loaded Nachos” don’t do this item justice. Encumbered with jalapenos, nacho cheese, beans, beef and lettuce, obtaining this item for the first time will most definitely not be your last.