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Prime 9: Adam Bailey

Adam Bailey hit Kansas City's first grand slam of the season on June 20. (File photo by John Ellis.)
07/22/2015 2:57 PM -

The general consensus with T-Bones players is that Adam Bailey is one of the main leaders in the clubhouse. Bailey, who grew up in Arizona, went to the University of Nebraska and now makes his home in Overland Park, Kan., is batting .312 with a team-leading 40 RBIs. Here are some things you might not have known about the T-Bones outfielder.

1. If not for baseball, I would be….. Probably a sports psychologist in high school, it would be awesome.

2. My favorite place I’ve ever been to is…. San Diego, for sure. I have good memories from Little League, my first time at the beach, Sea World, and it’s where I asked my fiancé to marry me. [They’re getting married next spring.]

3. If I only could eat one food for the rest of my life….. It would be a tie between hot wings from the Peanut, Fargo’s Pizza in Colorado Springs and my mother’s nachos. Basically, all three mixed together.

4. My first walk-up song was…. I don’t know who sang it, but it was called Never Forget Me from my junior year in college at Nebraska.

5. The animal I am most scared of is… I’m not scared because I respect them too much, but Sharks. I don’t think I would dive with them.

6. My favorite holiday is… Christmas, 100 percent. Everyone’s usually worried about gifts, but I like it because the weather is cooling off, and everyone’s together in a good mood. Also, I know it sounds weird, but I really love putting up Christmas lights.

7. My least favorite class in high school was… For some reason, even though I should speak it fluently, Spanish. I enjoyed it, I just wasn’t very good at it.

8. If I was auditioning for American Idol, my go to song would be.... Blue Christmas by Elvis. I sang it once for karaoke and it was a hit, everyone loved it.”

9. If I could eat dinner with anyone in history, it would be… I know it’s kind of cliché, but Derek Jeter would be a blast. I’m a huge fan. He has stories he doesn’t tell anyone else and I would love to hear them.

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