Countdown to game time: 05/11/20


High Force Winds Re-Design Owner's Suite

08/28/2003 9:52 AM - Welcome to Kansas, Toto. At 7:15 on Wednesday morning, one tiny corner of Wyandotte County was hit with a very strong thunderstorm. Unfortunately, one tiny corner of our stadium was hit as well.

Straight line winds targeted the patio outside the Owner’s Suite (suite #3, on the third base corner), and opened about seven of the corrugated sheetmetal roof panels like an oversized sardine can.

Most importantly, nobody was hurt. Head Groundskeeper Matt Mattes, here to witness the carnage, had tunnel vision, and only watched over his blades of grass, which were in fine shape after the storm.

Less importantly, the stadium was only slightly damaged, and the show will go on. New roofing panels have been ordered, and will be installed next week. For this weekend, however, you might notice a skylight over the patio adjacent to the owner’s suite. Several of the panels were bent beyond recognition and had to be replaced. Several others were rearranged to ensure that the entire suite level is still weather tight. The trade off is that we’re a few panels short, and will be until the material is delivered next week.

Let’s count our blessings, and appreciate our last few games of this year. We will be back even stronger next year!