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T-Bones Help Coalition For Independence Members

08/28/2003 9:53 AM - The Kansas City T-Bones will donate weather radios to members of the Coalition for Independence on Sunday, Aug. 31, 2003. The weather radios are being donated because of the storms that ripped through Kansas City, Kansas earlier in the year. The Coalition of Independence (CFI) was selected as the recipients of this donation, because of the concern the T-Bones organization has for those with disabilities in an emergency situation.

The weather radios give off emergency broadcasts of any storm watches or warnings in the area. The radios can be operated by electrical outlet or by battery, and are programmed for the owners’ geographical location. The weather radios will provide an early warning for those people who may need extra time to prepare for bad weather.

CFI is a center for independent living, which is a non-residential, not-for-profit, operated by and assists people with disabilities. CFI’s mission is to help people with disabilities achieve their desired level of independence. For more information about CFI please contact, Tom Lally at (913) 321-5140, or for TTY call (913) 321-5216.

This weekend is the final series of the T-Bones’ season. The T-Bones will face the Sioux City Explorers in a three-game series. For information on the T-Bones, please call (913) 328-2255. T-Bones Baseball is Fun Well Done.