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Inside The Clubhouse With Geoff McCallum

11/09/2007 12:09 PM -

This week T-Bones Shortstop Geoff McCallum takes your questions.  Learn about what he thinks about Kansas City and find out how he spends his time in the off-season.

If you could change one thing about our stadium, what would it be? 
Donna and Bill – Kansas City, KS
Well the stadium is great, so my changes would only be icing on the cake, but I don't know of a player that wouldn't like to have access to a washroom from the dugout, if you see a T-Bone running up to the clubhouse after the first half of an inning, chances are he's not going up there to check his emails!  And also, 310 down the right field line wouldn't be too bad either.

What do you think of the Kansas weather, particularly the hot summers?

I'm sure my answer to this question will be much like any other player. Yes it's very hot and humid, and yes Patrick Arlis' jersey weighs 15 pounds after the first inning, but the Midwest is hot and humid all over so you get used to it, and get on with things, I'll take it over the cold any day. 

How can the fans help the team?  Does the noise distract you?
Looking forward to see you in 2008!

Thanks Donna and Bill.
I think the fans are doing a great job.  The 2007 club was a very good team, and all the players wanted to win and please the fans and ownership.  Things didn't go as planned but not from a lack of effort.  I would like to thank the fans for their continued support, and hopefully they'll have a lot to cheer about in 2008.

What was your (favorite) Northern League road city?
Dave – Oskaloosa, KS
Well Dave, I think if you ask most baseball players what their favorite road city is, they would usually answer with the city they have the most success in.  I think those successes make the trip a little more enjoyable and therefore, allow for better memories.  For me, I would say Calgary, I just seem to see the ball really well there, and although the playing surface isn't top in the league, the batters box feels pretty good.

What was your favorite place to eat in Kansas City?
Billy Bob – Smithville, MO
I know I should say a BBQ rib place Billy Bob, but I lived in Zona Rosa and went to Bravo a lot.  It was close and I didn't want to get too weighed down before running around in the heat.  It was also around the corner from a nice espresso bar, I like my coffee, my roommate (Patrick Arlis) can attest to that.

Do you travel back home to London, Ontario in the off-season?
Scooter – Lenexa, KS
Well for the past 4 years I've been playing in Australia in the winter, it's the summer down there, and I love the weather and the people.  This year I decided to stay in Canada, I'm living in Toronto, taking a rest from the game to get a good block of training completed.

Were you aware that Ted Giannoulas, The Famous Chicken, was born in London, Ontario?  Are there any other famous Londoners?
Bob – Kansas City, MO
That's a good question Bob, I'm glad you asked me that.  My favorite actress Rachel McAdams is from London, the brunette in Wedding Crashers, of course many NHL players including Eric Lindross, and Joe Thornton, Jenny Jones,  world famous band leader Guy Lombardo, and John Labatt, founder of Labatt breweries, just to name a few.

Your 2007 walk-up music was by the White Stripes.  What are some of your other favorite bands?
Sheila – Eudora, KS
Well that was my song for a little bit, but I went back to my usual song for the last month of the season.  That was "Can't stop" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  I like all kinds of music, but I'm afraid I haven't got into country much at all.  Neb Brown tried to teach me the finer points of country but I just wasn't feelin' it.  Sorry Neb, maybe next year.

Whose walk-up music would you change if you had the chance?
Nick – Kansas City, KS
Well I'm not too sure about that, I'll tell you whose music I wouldn't change though and that's Calvin Pickering's music.  He would give the sound guy a serious death stare if he didn't get his walk up song, it was kind of funny to me sitting on the bench, but I've never be on the receiving end of a look from Calvin and I'd like to keep it that way.

How did you end up playing baseball and not hockey?
Brad – Tonganoxie, KS
I did play hockey up to the age of 16.  Things got kind of expensive and I think my parents wanted me to choose one sport.  Baseball was always an easy decision because I really enjoy practicing the game and working at skills.  To me there's nothing better than taking ground balls from Mac (Andy McCauley) or having a guy like Tim Doherty throwing you BP on a nice field (with the wind blowing out to right).

Have you ever tried poutine?
Rick – North Kansas City, MO
I think I tried it when I was younger but not for years.  Can't really go wrong with fries, gravy and cheese though.  You don't see it too often, maybe it's more of a French thing.

Favorite thing about playing at CommunityAmerica Ballpark?
Cliff – Bonner Springs, KS
I would have to say my favorite thing about playing at CommunityAmerica Ballpark is the playing surface.  It is top notch in the league and the grounds crew does a great job at keep the field looking great throughout the summer heat. 

What keeps you occupied in the off-season?
Matt – Kansas City, MO
 This year I am staying home to be closer to family and also to work hard at improving my strength.  I work full time at a busy cafe in Toronto mostly making espresso style coffee.  So if you want a skim, decaf, dry, triple shot, medium size cappuccino......I'm your man.

What is your favorite thing about the bus rides?
Jill – Kansas City, KS
 The best thing for me about bus rides are the movies and camaraderie with teammates.  I prefer the front of the bus for watching movies because Dan Jackson is at the back and he's pretty loud, so it's hard to hear what's going on in the movie (just kidding Dan if you're reading this......but seriously you are kind of loud).

Next week, T-Bones catcher Jeremy McIntire will take your questions.  Find out what it was like to miss so much of the season after an ugly home plate collision in his professional debut.  Submit them now to