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Inside the Clubhouse with Calvin Pickering

12/21/2007 11:21 AM -

This week Calvin Pickering answers your questions about life on the road, and living in Kansas, having to spend time away from his family during the summer. 

Thanks for choosing the T Bones for your club in 2007. How did your family feel about being in Kansas? Do they spend most of the season here with you?
Please let them know that we appreciate their sacrifices, too.  What are you doing in the off season? How are you preparing for 2008? See you in May!

Donna & Bill Greer – Shawnee, KS

My wife and son did have the opportunity to visit me several times in Kansas. She and I lived here when I played with Royals. We have so many good memories in Kansas that she loves to visit whenever she can. At the end of the season I returned to my home in Arizona. Here I’m preparing for the 2008 season by working out and hitting in the batting cages. My favorite thing to do this off season has been watching my son grow and experience many things for the first time.

You have had the fortunate opportunity to play professional baseball for a long time, what has been your fondest memory to this point?
Shane – Kansas City, KS

I’ve had so many great memories throughout my career. But, by far the best memory came in 2004, The Royals gave me an opportunity to play in the major leagues again after 3 years. In that game I hit 2 homeruns that helped us beat the Rangers. I finished that game 2 for 3, with 6 RBI’s.

What was your favorite Major League organization to play for?
Eric - Olathe

I don’t really have a favorite MLB team. I have enjoyed my time with every organization for different reasons. But, I do have a soft spot for Boston.

Happy Holidays, how do you plan to spend the holiday weekend?
Ben – Lawrence, KS

I am spending my holiday weekend with my family in California. I’m looking forward to eating some holiday food and playing with my son and his new toys.
What was it like playing in the pennant race this year, and did your experience help you stay level-headed down the stretch?
Kevin – Independence

The playoffs were such a great experience. My teammates and I really came together and did the best we could to go all the way. Even though we didn’t win it in the end, we all learned how each of us responds in key situations. I would agree the experience and my teammates definitely helped me stay level-headed.
Hello, first I’d like to congratulate you on a great season. It was great watching you swing the bat!!!  My question for you is was it hard for you to adjust to the Northern League and which teammate did you spend most of your time with??  Thanks and I look forward to watching you play next season.
Edward – Kansas City, MO

I didn’t find it difficult at all. The T-Bones organization made the transition very easy and that helped me find my groove. Well, there are a couple of guys that I beat up on playing Tiger Woods throughout the season, but I can’t give any names because the might read this .LOL!!

Who had the best walkup music on the team, and who had the worst?
Rylan – Overland Park

In my opinion, I had the best walk up song and Al Benjamin had the worst in the history of T-Bones Baseball. LOL!!

What is your favorite thing to do in the off-season?
Barry – Parkville

My favorite thing to do his off season has been being a father. My son is a such a fun age. I love taking my son to the baseball field. I watch him hit the ball and then run after it. It’s such a great feeling. I also enjoy working out, watching football and spending time with my family and friends.

What position are you going to mold your son into playing?
Sarah – Kansas City, MO

If my son continues to enjoy baseball as much as he does now and chooses to play, I will help him develop into the position where he feels the most comfortable and is the best at.
How would you compare the competition in the Northern League to other levels you’ve played at?
Jack - Leavenworth

The competition at this level is impressive. There is a lot of great talent in this league. So much, that they all keep me on my toes and on top of my game.

I want to ask, how do you fill the time on the road?
Shawna - Piper

On the road I get as much rest as I can and play lots of Tiger Woods. I also spend a lot of time videoconferencing with my family so I don’t miss too many of my son’s milestones.

I want to thank all of the T-Bones fans and organization for making 2007 such a memorable season for me.   I’m looking forward to returning in 2008 and giving back as much as you all have given me.

Happy Holidays!


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