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T-Bones Pull Tarp for First Time in 2008

04/18/2008 9:00 AM -
Due to the amount of rain Thursday the second two games of the River City Festival were cancelled. The field was covered following the first game of the afternoon and was finally yanked off the field by members of the T-Bones front office staff early Friday morning.
“It’s always good to break off the rust after a long off-season, it kind of signifies that baseball season is here,” said T-Bones director of corporate partnerships Eric Marshall. “It was invigorating.”
“It was a good pull, it exceeded my expectations,” said T-Bones head groundskeeper Joey Fitzgerald.
This was the first career tarp pull as the man in charge for Fitzgerald and he has a memory to go with it. While pulling the tarp off to be folded, his foot got caught in a pull strap causing him to take a spill.
“I was amazed at how graceful he was able to make that fall seem, it was almost as if he had practiced it,” said assistant stadium operations manager Rylan D. Brody. “I talked to him after the fall and he said there are no injuries to report but at this point he’s just running on adrenaline so we’ll have to check back later.”
Games will continue as scheduled Friday with the first game starting at 10:00 a.m. Games are still set to be played Saturday with the first of four games beginning in the morning at 9:00.