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Where the Green Grass Grows

06/27/2008 8:00 AM -

Fans, if you have asked yourself if the field looks a bit different this season, then you are correct.  Until the ‘08 season the T-Bones played on Kentucky Bluegrass, now Bermuda grass blankets the field.  


It is important to note that the baseball’s play is not affected by the new change.


“It plays true like a normal field,” said head groundskeeper of the T-Bones, Joey Fitzgerald.  “There are no unexpected hops to second or third.”


You may have wondered why sand jumps up off the field when a ball bounces.  About six inches of sand lay beneath the sod and green grass to help heat it up.  Bermuda grass thrives in hotter climates such as Kansas and all southern states.


Join us for Catch on the Field after every Wednesday night game.  While you play catch with a buddy, feel the softness of the new field beneath your feet!