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How Do You Know When You’re Big Time?

03/23/2004 9:25 AM - The Kansas City T-Bones strive to ensure that fans are a part of every event at the ballpark, be it a trivia contest on the scoreboard or a promotional event on the field. Now one lucky fan will have a chance to be a part of the most sought-after giveaway items in baseball: the bobble-head dolls. Imagine walking into a baseball stadium and seeing tons of fans lined up to pick up a bobbing version of you with your head on a spring. It can be a reality!

As the Kansas City T-Bones welcomed over 210,000 fans into CommunityAmerica Ballpark last season with a grassroots approach, it’s only logical that the T-Bones would choose to salute one lucky fan as a representative of their 2003 success.

So how does it work? Simple. Fans will have the opportunity to bid on this exciting promotional night on at this link.

What does it include? The winning bidder will get the following ultimate baseball fan’s dream:

• All production costs for 3,000 bobble-heads in their likeness
• Two dozen bobble-heads to take home (a little scary, don’t you think)
• First pitch opportunity on August 26th, the day of the promotion
• Chance to sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” as well on August 26th
• Four Prime seats to August 26th’s game
• Twelve Choice seats to August 26th's game
• The chance to attire the bobble-head as you see fit (in a T-Bones jersey, Elvis jumpsuit, mullet – you name it – but within the bounds of decency)
• Opportunity for a “bounceback” coupon within the bobble-head box
• Opportunity to include your company’s logo or personal message on the base of the bobble-head
• Listing on 750,000 pocket schedules distributed all around Kansas City
• Chance to do play-by-play with the T-Bones’ radio voice on date of your choice
• Advertising in the Kansas City Star, local TV, and radio two weeks prior to the event