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Staff Wrong on World Series Predictions

10/30/2008 11:53 AM -
Though as a staff the T-Bones picked the Rays to win the World Series, several front office members were still correct in predicting the Phillies to win it all.
Though asking not to be quoted an excited Theresa Bird called in from vacation to gloat about her accurate prediction. Bird (or T-Bird as she is better known around the office) was one of four on the T-Bones front office staff that stood by the Phillies to go the distance. 
Head groundskeeper Joey Fitzgerald couldn’t be reached for comment because he’s probably still celebrating his team’s triumph. 
Michaela McCann also picked the Phillies in the World Series and said, “It was great to see a former Northern Leaguer recognized as a World Series Champion.”
Though he picked the Rays, T-Bones broadcaster Tommy Thrall wasn’t hesitant to commend the Phills. “They played the best, and usually that’s the team that wins. That and I picked them, there’s a reason they call me the black cat. Apparently our championship didn’t break my curse.”
For complete picks please see the list below:
Adam Ehlert: Rays
Theresa Bird: Phillies
Tommy Thrall: Rays
Colin Aldrich: Rays
Sarah Keel: Rays
Michaela McCann: Phillies
Laura Hayes: Phillies
Joey Fitzgerald: Phillies
Eric Marshall: Rays
Kurt Sieker: Rays
Total Tally:
Rays – 6
Phillies – 4
Actual series…Phillies 4 games-to-1.