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T-Bones Staff Nails World Series Picks

11/02/2010 9:38 AM -

For the second straight season, the Kansas City T-Bones staff correctly predicted the winner of the World Series after voting 8-4 in favor of the 2010 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants.

The Giants won their first championship since 1954, and their first since moving to San Francisco in 1958. While eight staff members chose the Giants over the Texas Rangers, no one was able to predict they would do it in just five games.

One of the minority in the Rangers corner was T-Bones account executive, Jason Young. Young, a product of the University of Missouri and life-long St. Louis Cardinals fan, originally used former Tiger Ian Kinsler as reasoning for his Texas pick. Following the series, Young had a different outlook.

“It is sad to see a guy [Kinsler] with such talent go hitless in the final game of the series,” said Young. “On the bright side, it was nice seeing former Cardinal Edgar Renteria have such a big game. It reminds me of when David Eckstein earned World Series MVP and helped the Cardinals win the World Series [in 2006].”

One staff member’s voice was more vocal than others during the matchup. Media Director Stan Duitsman had seen the Giants come close a number of times over the past couple of decades, but had a good feeling entering the series with this group of ragtag characters.

“I said it before the series, and it rings true now,” said Duitsman. “This is the best Giants team I’ve seen in the past 20 years. [Will] Clark, [Barry] Bonds, [Jeff] Kent – they were all great players; but they were the singular focus. Other than maybe [Tim] Lincecum, the 2010 squad didn’t have that solitary presence, which allowed them to reach the ultimate team goal.”

The complete staff pick list:
Adam Ehlert:  Rangers in 5
Chris Browne:  Rangers in 7
Eric Marshall:  Giants in 6
Scott Steckly:  Rangers in 6
Stan Duitsman:  GIANTS in 6
Kurt Sieker:  Giants in 6
Joey Fitzgerald:  Giants in 6
Rylan D. Brody:  Giants in 4

Jason Young:  Rangers in 7
Emily Hoskins:  Giants in 7
Brian Bruce: Giants in 6
Sherrie Stover:  Giants in 4

Final tally:
Giants – 8
Rangers – 4

Actual results:  Giants in five, 4-1