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Scout Nights Back for 2012 Season

03/12/2012 8:28 AM -

Many children, and adults, dream of stepping onto a professional baseball field. They picture themselves running across the outfield, feeling the lush, green grass beneath their feet while the bright stadium lights illuminate the park.

Most people never get this experience. It simply remains a wish that is never granted. However, thanks to the Kansas City T-Bones Scout Night Campouts, some get to turn their dreams into reality.

Scout Night Campouts have been a tradition at CommunityAmerica Ballpark for the past nine years. On Scout Night, campers come watch a game and then get to camp in the outfield. Not only are the Scouts invited, but parents and siblings are also welcome to join the fun.

After the other fans leave the stadium following the game, campers have a meeting in the stands to learn about the rules for the evening, hear what will be served for breakfast and discuss important business, such as which two movies will be played on the big screen.

The meeting helps the scouts learn from the experience, and gives them an opportunity to practice their decision-making skills while allowing them to help plan the itinerary for the night. In addition to the movies, campers can get snacks from the concession stands, play games with each other and practice their camping skills. At the end, they even get a patch to signify their participation in a T-Bones Scout Night Campout.

Although watching movies is fun and earning a patch is significant for the Scouts, the most important aspect of a Scout Night Campout remains something the T-Bones value: friendship. The goal of the campouts is for Scouts to leave with new friends, life-long memories and the chance to say that their dreams became a reality.

The 2012 Boy Scout Night is planned for August 18. For more information, and to download the registration form, click here

The 2012 Girl Scout Night is planned for June 9. For more information, and to download the registration form, click here.