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"10 Questions with..." Devin Anderson

07/17/2012 2:39 PM -

This installment of “10 Questions” features left-handed pitcher Devin Anderson. After starting 21 games for the T-Bones in 2011, he made it into the rotation again this season. Anderson takes the mound for Kansas City on Tuesday night against Sioux City with a 3-5 record and 3.86 ERA:

1. My hero growing up was:
Devin Anderson: My dad because he taught me how to play.

2. My favorite highlight with the T-Bones has been:
DA: Striking out Lee Cruz.

3. My favorite movie is:
DA: Project X

4. My dream vehicle is:
DA: 1969 Camaro SS.

5. If I weren’t a professional baseball player, I would be a:
DA: Coach

6. My favorite thing about Kansas City is:
DA: My host family.

7. The best advice I have ever gotten has been:
DA: “Can’t make the club in the tub.”

8. My favorite food is:
DA: Steak and taters.

9. Pitchers don’t have walk-up songs, but if we did, mine would be:
DA: “Drunk on You” by Luke Bryan.

10. The biggest influence on my baseball career has been:
DA: My family. They’ve been there through everything with me.