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T-Bones recall fathers' lessons

Jake Blackwood poses with his father and son on Father's Day
06/21/2015 12:39 PM -

In honor of Father's Day, the T-Bones players and coaches were asked: 

What is the greatest lesson your father or father figure ever taught you?

“What he taught us was to be respectful of everyone. He taught us to always do your best, and if you did that, you never had to hang your head. He taught us to make sure that you helped the less fortunate and didn’t take advantage of them and to believe in your family and be true to your family through thick and thin. I hope that my children have learned through not only my father, but through my wife’s father, to treat people with respect and to do things that are right, especially when it’s difficult. Difficult situations judge character.”

-Bill Sobbe, pitching coach


“The biggest lesson he taught me was when I was 12, playing on a Little League team. I really got a full understanding that if you want to be a part of something, if you think you really are going to enjoy it, you have to participate and you have to be involved in it. And that was the life lesson I got from him. It’s not just enough to be on a team, you have to play and you have to understand why you’re there. That was a good life lesson for me.”

-Frank White, first base coach



-John Massarelli, manager



-Robby Kuzdale


“Work hard and have faith. Everything works out in the end, so just put yourself in a position to succeed and let it take care of itself.”

-James Boddicker


“Family first, no matter what. That was the most important thing.”

-Jake Blackwood


“The importance of family, and to have fun.”

-Ryan Cavan


“Assume you’re good enough until someone tells you you’re not.”

-Jacob Hayes


“No matter what it is, try your hardest, regardless of the situation.”

-Adam Bailey