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A T-Bones game is affordable fun

05/21/2016 8:16 AM -


As the Kansas City T-Bones continue their opening homestand of 2016, they do so as not only one of the most fun places in Kansas City, but also as one of the friendliest event destinations for your wallet.

A recent Fortune article looked at the average cost a major-league game. We thought it’d be, well, fun, to compare that to a T-Bones game at CommunityAmerica Ballpark. Sure, when it comes to major-league games you’ll see the best baseball players on the planet. But when looking at the prices, you will understand why you might consider substituting that for the great atmosphere at CommunityAmerica Ballpark.

It starts before you even get out of your car. Major league teams, on average, charge nearly $16 per vehicle ($15.89 is the average, to be exact). Parking is free at Community America Ballpark.

Then, to get into the stadium, the average price for two tickets to a major-league game is $41.41. That’s just the average price of all tickets. That might not seem bad until compared with buying two of the best seats in the house at Community America Ballpark. For two of the prime, padded seats for a T-Bones game, you’ll be paying $32. (Or two people can sit on the berm for $13.)

Of course, once you’re in the park, you’ll need to eat something. At a typical major-league game, you can wash down two hot dogs with two beers for $20.62. A T-Bones game is a little less expensive around $19.50, unless you come to a Thursday or Friday game. For each Thursday home game, also known as “Throwdown Thursday,” domestic beers are $1.25. On Fridays, hot dogs are $1 with the purchase of a drink.

Adding all of that up, an average MLB game for two people is about $78, compared to $51.50 for the best seats at a T-Bones game. For a family of four? You’re looking at $156 vs. $103.

So, bring your family and friends to CommunityAmerica Ballpark this season for some affordable Fun...Well done.