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A few of our favorite things: 2016

12/25/2016 12:25 AM -

On this Christmas 2016, here at we thought it would be fun to get some memorable Christmas stories from our front office staff. So, we asked two questions: what’s your most memorable Christmas (or holiday) present? And, what’s your most memorable holiday tradition?

So, here you go, in alphabetical order:

Chris Browne, Vice-President & General Manager
Most memorable gift: I was living and working in baseball in the Southern League in Jacksonville, Florida in the 90’s and I got a call from my mom that the Royals were coming out with a keepsake 25th anniversary book. She said the good news was I was (pictured) in it, bad news – the book was sold out! And this was in the days before the internet, no ordering online, no back orders on Amazon, etc. Sold out in the KC area. Out of luck. I was devastated. But under the tree that day, was a copy of the book signed by Hall of Fame broadcaster Denny Matthews! I opened it up and there I was, a 16-18-year-old bat boy in the home blue and whites! Oh, ok…maybe the only reason the photo was in there had something to do with the guy standing to my left — Hall of Famer and noted best friend of the Bat Boys, George Brett! Thanks, Mom! That book is still on my office shelf at home.

Most memorable holiday tradition: Wearing a sports jersey in full Clark W. Griswold fashion on Christmas morning, while my kids open their gifts.

Kyle Disney, Stadium Operations Coordinator
Most memorable gift: A Sega Genesis. The first game console I ever owned.

Most memorable holiday tradition: My entire family of 25+ people getting together and having a secret Santa gift exchange that turns into more of a gag gift exchange.

Stephen Hardwick, Director of Group Sales
Most memorable gift: Tickets for the Mizzou vs. Illinois “Braggin’ Rights” game in 2003.

Most memorable holiday tradition: White Elephant at the Hardwick house. Goofy gifts only!

Morgan Kolenda, Director of Marketing & Game Entertainment
Most memorable gift: NSYNC flip phone. I knew I was getting it because I peeked under the tree. My mom took the present away and made me think that I wasn’t getting it, but then I opened it very last and started crying. Of course, as soon as I opened it, it broke.

Most memorable holiday tradition: sneaking down the stairs to watch Santa load up all the stockings.

Nathan Miller, Head Groundskeeper
Most memorable gift: My brothers and I, and our excitement, when we got a brand new Playstation 2 when they first came out.

Most memorable holiday tradition: My most memorable holiday tradition was being the youngest of the four kids and waking up before 8 a.m. every Christmas morning and trying to wake my older brothers and sister up to go unwrap presents. We had to wait at the top of the stairs until my parents were recording us walking down to see all the presents Santa had left us.

Kacy Muller, Director of Tickets & Merchandise
Most memorable gift: It has to be from first grade. We had spent the holiday out of town and my only concern is that Santa would forget me because I wasn’t home. My parents assured me that he would not miss us. So when we finally got home, I couldn’t wait to get inside to see what Santa had left under the tree. I was greeted with a crate and a giant red bow with the most beautiful Golden Retriever puppy I’d ever seen (it was the ONLY thing I had asked for and they couldn’t find one anywhere in the U.S.). I named her Sinnamon and I had her until I was a Junior in college. She was the best dog and I miss her dearly.
Most memorable holiday tradition: Christmas eve with my cousins, and now our kids! We always have a great time catching up and spending time together.

Nick Restivo, Group Sales Associate & Internship Coordinator
Most memorable gift: basketball goal

Most memorable holiday tradition: Having a big family get together every Christmas Eve.

Karen Slaughter, Controller
Most memorable gift: A “Baby Alive” when I was about 7 or 8 years old. That was my most wanted gift ever.

Most memorable holiday tradition: opening one present on Christmas eve.

Everyone here at the T-Bones would like to wish you a very merry Christmas!