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T-Bones To Serve T-Bones Thursday Night

06/08/2005 10:37 AM - KANSAS CITY – Thursday, June 9, from 4:30 to 6:00 pm, T-Bone steaks will be ‘what’s for dinner’ at St. James Place, which typically serves 150 people their main meal each day. In addition to clients having dinner served by T-Bones baseball players, they will dine with the volunteers who ordinarily staff the soup kitchen.

“There is something special when we gather to celebrate the goodness of those who serve and those who are served,” said Deacon Frank Peak. “Volunteers are the very lifeblood of our services. Without their consistent support, we could not continue this ministry.”

Priests of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph stepped up to the plate and purchased 250 T-Bone steaks, which will be grilled by volunteers from the Kansas City Knights of Columbus. Father Jerry Waris, Pastor of St. Patrick Parish, led the effort to underwrite the costs.

St. James Place, located at 3934 Troost in Kansas City, is a service of Bishop Sullivan Center. It’s part of the emergency assistance safety net in the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph. In the Kansas City area, emergency assistance is provided through a network of 38 Catholic parishes and organizations.

“Last year, another 1.7 million Americans slipped below the poverty line, which is one out of every eight people. The ranks of the hungry are increasing, and yet it is easy to overlook people in need,” commented Bishop Sullivan Center Executive Director Tom Sullivan. “With this dinner, we want to offer them more than subsistence. We want to offer them hope.”