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T-Bones Modify History-Making Promotion

06/28/2005 5:08 PM - In response to an edict issued by Northern League Commissioner Mike Stone, the Kansas City T-Bones are announcing a modification to the "Ultimate Baseball Challenge" presented in conjunction with CompUSA as well as Yellow Book.

From now until July 6th, T-Bones fans will be able to visit CompUSA in Overland Park, Kan., and Independence, Mo. At the two CompUSA stores, fans will have the opportunity to play EA Sports MVP Baseball 2005 on a Microsoft XBox. The top sixteen players, according to the rules of the game, will play a single-elimination tournament to dertemine the two players who will oppose each other in the “Ultimate Baseball Challenge” at CommunityAmerica Ballpark.

On July 16th, the Kansas City T-Bones and Schaumburg Flyers will play a complete game of regulation baseball. At the completion of the game, the final two innings of the game will be removed from the line score on the scoreboard; the two players will assume their positions in two recliners at home plate to compete in EA Sports MVP Baseball 2005 in the “Ultimate Baseball Challenge”.

“We’re not happy about the ruling, but we’ll abide by the commissioner’s wishes,” said T-Bones General Manager Rick Muntean. “The idea of having two people, regardless of any physical characteristics, decide a baseball game is ahead of its time. Baseball is a game rooted in the past and this idea came a little too soon.”

While the two innings will no longer be a part of the regulation game, the re-playing of the final two innings in virtual form will be an unprecedented event. “The final two innings will be a chance for our fans to see what would have really happened if the game were determined virtually,” remarked Muntean.

“In 2006, the Kansas City T-Bones will be the first in sports history to play a portion of a league game virtually,” said T-Bones owner John Ehlert. “We’re eagerly awaiting this year’s promotion as well as the excitement of next year’s.”