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06/19/2003 10:08 AM - T-BONES TWO-FER TUESDAY

T-Bones to play completion of May 28th game on Tuesday, June 24, at 5:05 pm.

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS—June 19, 2003— The Kansas City T-Bones will play the remainder of the May 28th game on Tuesday June 24th.

This game was suspended after 5 ½ innings were played in Joliet, and will be resumed in Kansas City.

Jayson Sigley will resume the pitching duty for the T-Bones in the bottom of the fifth, with one man on base, and two outs.

The regularly scheduled game for that night will then be played directly after the conclusion of the first. In accordance with Northern League policy, the second game will be seven innings.

In light of the doubleheader, the T-Bones are offering a special price on hotdogs-- fans will be able to purchase two hotdogs for two dollars!