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To Market, To Market, to the T-Bones Market!

01/19/2007 2:15 PM - KANSAS CITY, KAN — The Kansas City T-Bones Baseball Club is eager to announce that CommunityAmerica Ballpark’s concourse will be open every Saturday morning, May through October, hosting a unique and friendly open-air-market.

The T-Bones Market will add to the excitement of the Village West neighborhood, by offering an accessible and affordable venue for local farmers, producers and artisans to interact with the community, and vend their high-quality wares.

“Week in and week out, we hear from T-Bones fans that CommunityAmerica Ballpark has become a true meeting place and community asset here in Wyandotte County,” said Adam Ehlert, the ballpark’s vice-president. “We’re thrilled to open the ballpark for a total of 23 Saturdays, and further enjoy this beautiful facility. The goal is to offer a mix of products, where consumers can shop for a week’s worth of groceries, or just pick up some unique items for a Saturday night’s dinner—all in the friendly and easily accessible confines of the ballpark. Our fans are familiar with, and appreciate the comfortable and open concourses, providing relief from Kansas’ variable weather elements.”

The T-Bones Market will be open from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm beginning May 5 through the first weekend in October, culminating with a three-day Columbus Day sale. Booth space will be priced in typical affordable T-Bones fashion, from $20 to $25 daily, with additional discounts for multi-week and season-long contracts. Booth position will be determined by deposit receipt, and reservations are currently being accepted.

“We’re excited to extend the T-Bones experience to another set of customers and consumers,” said Ehlert. “The T-Bones Market will offer the affordable, customer-friendly experience familiar to our legions of loyal baseball fans. Some of the same entertaining ideas will be incorporated into the market, with free entertainers and demonstrations being offered each weekend.”

A vendor orientation luncheon will be held in March, where vendors can practice the easy logistics of the facility, ask any questions or plan for special assistance.

For reservations, or further information, contact Adam Ehlert: 913/328-5627, or