Best Baseball Bats For Highschool

Best Baseball Bats For Highschool

November 18, 2021

Bats are a key component to any baseball player’s success. The right bat can be the difference between going home with a trophy and going home empty-handed after your first game of the season. It is important to match the size and weight of the bat to the player’s body and style of play.

Just like any other sport, there are different bats for different types of players. This guide will cover some basic considerations when choosing a baseball bat for high school-aged players.

Many high school athletes want to know what bat is best for them, but they don’t have anyone to ask or anything to go off of. That’s where this blog post comes in! We will talk about the different types of bats and their pros and cons so that you can find out which one is perfect for you.

#1. Easton S500 and S200

Easton S200

As with any Easton product, durability is always at the forefront of their design. The Easton S500 and S200 are no exception. Both bats use 100% composite materials to increase swing speed and decrease vibration at contact.

They also feature a 3-fluted barrel to make it easier to get through the hitting zone in one fluid motion, increasing exit velocity on balls hit off-centre. These bats are great for high schoolers that want that little bit extra out of their swings!

Easton Bat Features

Easton bats are lighter than other brands, allowing for less strain on the hitter’s arms. They also can provide power through their large barrels and alloy construction. Most youth baseball players prefer Easton bats because they’re an American brand with a reputation for quality weapons in baseball wars.

This is why it comes as no surprise that many high school ballers choose to use the Easton S series (S400, S500, and S600). The only reason we ranked the S200 and S500 ahead of the S600 was because they’re lighter and still provide a good pop (unlike other bats in their price range).


  • Easton is an American brand. They’re known to produce quality baseball equipment, especially their bats.
  • Their S500 and S200 are two of the top-selling bats in the game right now (at least for high school players).
  • The S series provides great pop.
  • The 3-fluted barrels make it easier to hit the ball.
  • Easton has a reputation for great customer service. Easton bats are almost always under warranty, so if anything happens to your bat, you can get a replacement with little to no hassle.
  • The S500 and S200 have a good balance of weight and power.


  • Not as durable as bats from other brands like Marucci or DeMarini. Hitters have reported that the barrel tends to crack after excessive use.
  • Most baseball players prefer lighter bats, but some people may not like what Easton calls their “end load” design.
  • This is when there’s weight added towards the bottom part of the bat. It makes swings faster but also provides less power to the hitter.
  • They do make several different versions of each model, but they all have similar weights. This can be bad if you need a lighter bat for yourself; there’s only one makeup of the S200 and two makes up of the S500, so it can be hard to find your perfect fit.
  • Easton bats can get pricey.
  • If you’re a new player, buying an Easton might be harder because they don’t produce as many options for youth players. You’ll either be forced to go on the more expensive end of the spectrum or settle for a different brand (and there’s nothing wrong with that!).

#2. BARNETT Baseball Bat

BARNETT Baseball Bat

The Barnett Baseball bat is one of the best baseball bats for high school. The bat has received an immense amount of positive reviews from coaches and players alike. The smooth, endless pop it provides makes it easy to hit home runs even on bad hits.

It is for this reason that most high school players prefer the product over its competitors. However, all bats are not equal, especially when it comes to youth leagues. It is important to note the features you should look out for before buying a baseball bat to choose what will be perfect for your playing style, age group and level of performance.

BARNETT Baseball Bat Features

Bat Size/Length

The bat’s size and length are very important features to look out for. The weight of a baseball bat is measured in ounces, while the length of the bat is measured in inches. In terms of the youth league, most players prefer a lighter weight or a shorter length as they tend to be more effective during use.
Based on your age, strength and playing style, you can always choose from different sizes ranging from -13 oz to-3/8 oz and 29 inches to 32 inches, respectively.

Bat Drop

This refers to the difference between the weight at the very end of a handle and its centre of gravity which usually ranges from three half-ounce increments starting with minus 3/4 oz going up to plus 1 1/2 oz going by quarter ounce increments. This is a feature that most beginner players tend to ignore, but it is still very important as it directly affects a player’s performance.


When choosing a baseball bat, you should always look out for the feel. A good grip makes playing so much more comfortable and will definitely improve your overall performance and style as a result. You can always opt for bats with either cushioned or contoured handles with knobs at the end to achieve this.
The latter provides better gripping, especially if you often sweat during play. In contrast, those with cushioned handles provide softness, thus making them perfect for those who don’t like feeling discomforted by their equipment after use, even though they usually cost slightly more than those without cushions.


  • It is long when you want to achieve the desired distance when it comes to hitting.
  • It is light in weight, making it much easier for younger players who don’t have the strength and cannot handle heavy bats easily.
  • The bat has a smooth surface which makes it easy to handle.


  • It is way too light in weight and might even break on some occasions when used by strong senior players.
  • Some customers have complained that the bat doesn’t last for more than one year of use, thus making its durability questionable.
  • The bat might feel a little short when one has experienced using other bats that are longer and thus give them more time for swinging and striking the ball with ease.

#3. Louisville Slugger 2021 BBCOR Meta

Louisville Slugger 2021 BBCOR Meta

Louisville slugger is a long-time leader in the baseball industry, and they’ve been around for over 100 years. Their products consist of high quality, well-balanced bats that will help you make contact and take your game to the next level! Louisville Slugger also has several types of bats available depending on your preference (e.g. end-loaded, balanced, etc.).

The focus is on their 2021 BBCOR model, which is great for players who like having an evenly distributed weight throughout their bat. This way, you can easily find out what works best for you and be able to transfer it from season to season! It is one of the best baseball bats for high school due to its comfortable grip, a good amount of power behind the ball, and appreciation from other players who have used it.

Louisville Slugger 2021 BBCOR Meta Features:

  • 30/32 inch tapered handle.
  • 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter Cons: -The biggest downside to this bat is that it doesn’t use any fancy technology or material decisions to increase its durability and power.
  • The price can be a bit steep for some, but if you’re looking to invest in a high-quality bat, then this might not be that bad of an idea.
  • The other issue is the lack of colours compared to other companies. But don’t let that stop you from buying! Overall, it’s one of the best baseball bats for high school players.


  • This bat has a great balance and feel to it, so you won’t have any issue striking out batters because the barrel won’t move around in your hands- which is a problem that some players experience.
  • The grip is comfortable and makes it easy to keep a steady swing.
  • It is one of the best baseball bats for high school players, thanks to its sturdy design and great power behind the ball.
  • Some high school uses this bat and collegiate players to help them land college scholarships because it’s affordable yet high quality.
  • Louisville Slugger has an excellent reputation in the industry, so you know that their bats are reliable and won’t let you down!


  • The 2021 BBCOR Bat doesn’t have any special technology or specs, so there isn’t much difference between brands other than price.
  • Some players say that the barrel isn’t as large or doesn’t generate as much pop as other bats, but this comes down to personal preference and will vary from player to player
  • The price is a bit high compared to other bats on the market, but it’s worth it if you can afford it! Overall, this bat has been used by many players and never disappoints. It might not be as great as some of its competitors, but this will do just fine for those who want a steady and simple design.

#4. SZYT Baseball Bat Self-Defense Softball Bat Home Defense

SZYT Baseball Bat Self-Defense Softball Bat Home Defense

The SZYT Baseball Bat is an affordable, lightweight option for players who want to get better at baseball. This bat may be made of high-quality materials, but there are some features that you should be aware of before purchasing it. The biggest con with this product is that the barrel isn’t very large, which means that you’re sacrificing power for accuracy and control while hitting.

If you’re someone who’s just getting into baseball or don’t plan on playing it in college, then there’s no reason to go with a more expensive model since this one will still help you improve your game!

However, if power is important to you or you plan to use this bat in any competitive league, we recommend going with another instead. It is suitable for high school students, but it’s also used by some adults who have been satisfied with the results.

Scott Self-Defense Bat Features:

  • Durability: Made of Aluminum Alloy, no need to worry about ruining the bat when you hit another object.
  • Affordability: An affordable alternative to more expensive bats that high school players need.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: You’ll be fully satisfied with this product or receive your money back!
  • Size: 28 inches and weighs 26 ounces, great for high school students or adults.
  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Professional grade bat is perfect for players who want to improve their skills or those who already have experience playing competitively. Because of the lightweight design, it’s an ideal choice for any type of player; beginners can make use of it and more advanced players looking to improve their game!
  • Length: 32 Inches and weighs 26 ounces, suitable for high schoolers.


  • Lightweight (3 pounds) enables better swing speed and control when hitting.
  • Two-year warranty ensures customers are protected in case there are problems with the bat after it has been used for a while.
  • This bat is very lightweight and easy to control, which will help you make contact with the ball more often than other bats. This will drastically improve your batting average and get you on base more frequently!
  • It has a wrist strap so it can be safely carried while not in use. No one wants to be responsible for breaking someone’s $300+ bat just because they didn’t put it away properly!
  • This bat is a great option for beginners who want a high-quality product that will help them get started in baseball without having to spend too much money.


  • This bat doesn’t have a very large barrel which will reduce the power and pop when making contact with the ball.
  • There isn’t any special technology or material that increases durability and performance like other bats.
  • The price isn’t too bad, but there are better bats for this amount of money.
  • The barrel is smaller than average, so it’s not ideal for players who want raw power behind their swings. SZYT’s baseball bat is made of top quality materials, making it very durable and ensuring it will last for many seasons.
  • While the price isn’t very high, some bats cost less without sacrificing too much in terms of quality. This product is great for people who want to learn how to play baseball but don’t plan on using it competitively later down the line because you could get a better bat at this price point.

#5. TRUE TEMPER T2-10 l -8 l -5 USA Youth Baseball Bat

TRUE TEMPER T2-10 l -8 l -5 USA Youth Baseball Bat

The T2-10 is a little pricier than some of the other bats on this list; however, it uses technology and materials that increase durability and power. It has an alloy barrel construction with a balanced swing weight that helps generate more power. It is the best baseball for high school due to its size, weight, and power.

🠮 Maxload End Cap

The end cap is made of Maxload material which dampens the vibration felt when you make contact with the ball. Not only does this help protect your hands, but it also increases the amount of time that an alloy aluminium bat like this one will last (see our discussion on materials in previous articles).

🠮 Balanced Swing Weight

This bat has a balanced swing weight, allowing easy control through every part of your swing without feeling too heavy or too light. The moment of inertia (i-balance) stays stable throughout the bat, allowing for more energy to hit the ball rather than balance the bat itself. It is very important in youth baseball bats to have a correctly balanced bat because it helps with accuracy and control.

🠮 Swing Weight

The swing weight of the T2-10 is -8, which will help most high school players get a little more power behind their swings without sacrificing too much control. The size and weight of this bat have been proven to give batters an edge against other, cheaper bats that might not be made as well or weigh as evenly distributed.

🠮 XL Grip

More experienced hitters can handle a slightly heavier bat like this one; however, if you feel like it’s too heavy for you, a drop 8 version is also available on Amazon. Be sure to measure your hands properly, though, before purchasing since they do vary so much from person to person. Being able to grip and hold onto your bat comfortably is very important if you want to have the best chance at making solid contact.

TRUE TEMPER T2-10 l -8 l -5 USA Youth Baseball Bat Features:

  • The 10 length to weight ratio means that it’s a little lighter than its length so that players can generate more power with less effort.
  • Balanced swing weight for more power and easy control of the bat- putting your body in a better position to hit is one of the keys to hitting a baseball!


  • This bat uses alloy technology that increases durability and power. Alloy is more durable than aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about this bat breaking on the field or during practice
  • Balanced swing weight means that it’s not too heavy or light- just right! This will allow players of all skill levels to make contact with the ball more often, which leads to an improved batting average and more runs scored.
  • This bat can be used by players who weigh as young as 9 years old! So if you’re looking for something your child can use to improve their skills, then this would be an excellent pick.
  • The alloy barrel will allow players to hit balls further off of the bat, so they’ll have a better chance at getting those extra-base hits.
  • This bat has a 100% money-back guarantee from True Temper, so there’s no risk involved with testing out their product!


  • This bat comes in only one size, which means that it isn’t very versatile and will be best for smaller players. -A few users have said that the grip is uncomfortable after extended use, but this can vary from player to player.
  • There aren’t any additional features like shock absorption or special technologies that increase power and control.
  • This bat has a rather large barrel which means that it’ll take you longer to hit the ball. This may be frustrating for some players who expect to use their bats right away without having to work at improving their swing speed.
  • At 28 inches long, the barrel isn’t as large as other bats, which reduces potential power and will require you to be more accurate when hitting.
  • You should only use aluminum bats for light practice because they’re not designed for heavy use like wood or BBCOR (wood is fine if that’s what you prefer)