Anthem Auditions

The T-Bones welcome performers of all ages to audition for a chance to be a part of our home game schedule. Performances are subject to availability and will be determined by the T-Bones.
 Do you have what it takes? Contact Morgan Kolenda, Director of Marketing & Promotions at


What type of submissions do you accept?
We accept mp3 submissions sent via email to We also accept submissions sent into us such as a CD or a flash drive with the performance on the device. Most preferred method is via email.

Is there a certain time limit the performance needs to meet?
All performances should be done in 120 seconds or less. In order for us to execute pre-game ceremonies correctly, this time limit is not flexible.

Can I sing with music in the background or lyrics?
If you are singing, you cannot sing with music in the background. The singing performance must be done a cappella with NO lyric sheets. You may, however, use a pitch pipe right before you start singing. If you're performing an instrumental version, we cannot have music accompany you in the background.

What do I wear when I perform?
We're a baseball stadium and it's summer so it tends to be hot. All performances are live on the field behind home plate, so we advise you check the weather before coming out to the ballpark. Please dress appropriately for a family audience. Please no revealing clothing. We ask that you keep it business casual or patriotic.

What time should I arrive at the stadium for my performance?
Check in is 30 minutes prior to performance time. For example, if the game starts at 7:05pm, you will need to check in NO LATER than 6:35pm for your performance. Those checking in will need to report to the Promotions Table located on the 3rd base side of the concourse and just let a T-Bones representative know that you're here for the Anthem. About a week prior to your scheduled performance date, you will get an email reminding you of this information. Feel free to park anywhere as our parking at the T-Bones is always FREE!

What if I'm singing God Bless America?
All of the rules above apply to God Bless America. However, the song is usually performed right before the 7th inning stretch, so your check-in time will be at the Top of the 6th inning at the Promotions Table.

What happens if it rains the day I'm scheduled to perform?
In the event of a rain delay, we will do our best to get you scheduled to perform at a later date that's available in the season. If there isn't a date made available, we will definitely put you on our schedule first for the following season.

Do I get tickets to perform?
Only the person(s) performing get complimentary tickets to the game. We allow up to 10 complimentary tickets for those performing. Any additional tickets needed will have to purchased at 913-328-5618 or online at

All submissions must be sent to the following:

Kansas City T-Bones Baseball
c/o Morgan Kolenda
1800 Village West Parkway
Kansas City, KS 66111


If there are any additional questions, please contact our Director of Marketing & Promotions, Morgan Kolenda via email or phone at 913.328.5641.