How the T-Bones Can Make the Finals

08/22/2003 9:44 AM - The T-Bones play in Fargo tonight against the Western Division’s leader the Redhawks. The T-Bones are three games back from Fargo, who will play in the finals. Here is how the Northern League determines who goes to the finals. The teams who were in first place from each of the divisions for the first half of the season will play the teams who are in first place in each division for the second half. The St. Paul Saints were in first place in the Eastern Division for the first half, and the Fargo Moorhead Redhawks were in first place in the first half for the Western Division. (The T-Bones are in the Western Division.) If a team is in first place for both halves of the season, then the wild card spot goes to the team from either division who has the best record overall for the whole season.

As it stands today, Winnipeg has the lead in the east right now for the second half, so they would go to the finals with St. Paul. Fargo has the lead in the west, and Kansas City is in second place. Because Fargo won the first half, a wild card spot opens up. Although Kansas City is currently in second place in the west, the Schaumburg Flyers currently have the next best record overall, so they would get the wild card.

Don’t worry; the season doesn’t end today, so the T-Bones still have a chance. The T-Bones are three games back from Fargo. They can still take back the lead in the Western Division for the second half. They also could take the wild card spot if they can make-up for the five game deficit they have compared to Schaumburg’s first half record. Schaumburg lost to the T-Bones twice this past series, and lost to Winnipeg last night. If the T-Bones can win their final regular season series with Fargo, it will put them in a strong position to either take the division lead, or snatch the wild card spot from the Flyers. You can hear the games against Fargo on WHB 810, or check for score updates tonight.