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Inside the Clubhouse with Nick Jaros

01/18/2008 2:32 PM -

This week we ask Nick Jaros what life was like for his first year in professional baseball.

Nick thank you for joining the T Bones!  What was your favorite promotion in 2007?
I have to say my favorite promotion would be the paper rock scissor contest just because of how insignificant it is to be the champion.
How are you preparing for the 2008 season?
I've worked out extremely hard this off season in the weight room as well as the hitting facility I go to.  It's very important to be prepared before you come into the season as well as making adjustments during the season.
If you could change anything about our ballpark, what would it be? 
I really wouldn't change anything about the ballpark, I mean short porch to left what more could a right-handed hitter ask for?
Do you ever notice the noise of the fans? 
I don't really notice the noise during the game.  I try to remain focused on what's going on in the game at all times.
Does it distract you or motivate you?
It definitely motivates me to hear the sound of your home crowd cheering you on as you come up to bat.
We look forward to seeing you in May!
Donna & Bill – Shawnee, KS

I would like to congratulate you on a good first season. Was it hard to adjust from college to the Northern League?
Every time you make the transition to another level there is definitely a difference.  I noticed that every part of the game just moved a little faster but it's an adjustment you have to make or be left behind.
Also is there any player or players that helped you with the transition? Such as fitting in, outfield work, hitting??
Everybody was really good with me coming in, it's kind of like the new kid at school, nobody knows what you can do or kind of skeptical in that sense, but everyone had a big part in helping me compete at that level.
Good luck to you next season!
Ed – Kansas City, KS

You had a great professional debut, driving in the winning run on Brest Cancer Awareness day, what was that like for you?
Elena – Smithville, MO
I couldn't have dreamed of a better debut with my mom passing to breast cancer less than a year before that.  It really felt like fate when I stepped up to bat in the 9th.  I know somebody was looking down on me and I had the confidence I needed.

Was playing pro ball what you thought it would be?
Ted – Leawood, KS
Yes if not more.  It's really a fantastic experience to play with other guys with so much experience and talent, I knew every one would be good but I didn't know they would be this smart about the game in all aspects.

How do you occupy your team on the road?
Lloyd – Sedalia, MO
Basically just depends on where we are.  Most of the times just go out and have a good dinner then go back to the hotel and order a movie or play some X Box.

Who has the best video game skills on the team and who picks out the best movies for the bus trips out of the crew?
Burt – Linwood, KS
haha  As for video games it depends on what game we are playing, but movies would have to be Mario.  The man has a Blockbuster in his DVD collection.

You got to play in front of your friends and family this season, what was that like for you know they were in the stands on a regular basis?
Stefhon – Columbia, MO
 It was great, people would come up to me after the game I haven't seen in years and be like oh I didn't know you played out here, and I would see them come out more often.  It's awesome for people you know to come out and support you on a daily basis.

What was the biggest eye opener for you this season?
Curtis – Bonner Springs, KS
 How smart the pitchers are!  Not every pitcher’s velocity was up there but they really know how to pitch to you at this level.

Can you sleep on the bus and if so what’s your secret?
Tommy – De Soto, KS
All the time.  I'm a very heavy sleeper and always have been.  If I'm tired, the lights go out.

What is the worst bus trip you have ever taken either in college or with the T-Bones?
Ralf – St. Joe, MO
In Junior College we took a bus ride from Kansas City to Galveston Texas, it was like 14 hours or so, it was miserable.

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