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Inside the Clubhouse with Rob Watson

03/07/2008 4:30 PM -

This week Rob Watson takes on your questions as we go Inside the Clubhouse.

After having another great season and being one of
the league's best players,
where do you think you need to improve your game?

Chris, Ryan and Tyler Connelly - Palatine, Il

I think there is always room for improvement in all
aspects of my game.  The main thing I really want for
this season, is to win more and get into the
postseason.  That's the only thing that really
matters.  Staying healthy and being consistent are
always personal goals of mine as well.    

Have you been golfing? What keeps you busy in the
off season?

We appreciate your efforts in 2007 and are wondering
if you might be pitching, too, this season, although
your efforts in the infield were greatly appreciated.

Donna and Bill – Shawnee, KS

I have been golfing a few times this off-season. We
live in Oklahoma, so occasionally we get a warm winter
day and have a chance to get out on the course. 

After the season was over, we went on a much needed
vacation to Playa del Carmen. It was nice to get away
and spend some time with my wife after being apart a
lot during the season. In the off seasons, I work with
some of the top high-school baseball players in the
country in an organization called ABD (Amateur
Baseball Development).  I travel all over coaching
tournaments and camps.  I'm originally from
California, so I spent some time out there for the
holidays with my family and doing some coaching.  I
also like to do my share of bow hunting.  Now, I am
getting ready for the season, working out daily.  We
are in the process of building a house, which will be
ready in July.  So we've been busy with that, too. 

I hope I get to pitch some more this season.  Most
people are surprised when an infielder comes in and
pitches well.  I pitched in high school and in
college, so I am pretty comfortable on the bump.
Marty promised me 15 innings last year and I only got
5.  He is usually too scared to let me pitch, so I end
up having to beg.  I'll be ready whenever he needs me.

Playing surfaces are different all over the league,
which has the best and is it difficult to adjust to
the different surfaces?  Also have you ever played on
a field you were afraid of?

Keith - Lee's Summit

I really think Kansas City had the best playing
surface last year.  It will be interesting to see how
the all-grass field will play this year.  Last year, I
wasn't crazy about the playing surfaces in Calgary or
Edmonton.  But we won't have to worry about that this

What was it like last season with the two opposite
halves, struggling in the first half and then being in
the race down the stretch in the second?
Garth - Leawood

I think any time you get a completely new group of
guys together, it's going to take some time to get to
know each other and develop chemistry.  So the first
half was rough.  The second half was a fresh start for
us.  It was disappointing to come up short at the end,
but we are all looking forward to building off of last
year in the upcoming season. 

What is your favorite part of traveling?
Dave - Roeland Park, KS

Getting there!  There is nothing nice about being on a
bus for fourteen hours to Winnipeg.  I enjoy the
camaraderie, but I definitely prefer home games.

How does playing professional baseball compare to
playing D-I college ball?

Billy - Prairie Village, KS

Sometimes I miss the college days.  The Big XII is a
great conference.  Neb Brown and I played together at
Oklahoma State and have been good friends for a number
of years.  Everything speeds up when you get to pro
ball.  The game is a lot faster.  Plus you don't have
to go to class before you go to the yard.  And, of
course, it's nice to be paid to play. 

Thanks for all your questions.  I'm looking forward to
seeing you all at the ballpark.  It's going to be a great
season- come on out and let us prove it to you! 

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