Staff Correct in World Series Predictions

11/05/2009 9:54 AM -

With a vote of 7-5 in favor of the New York Yankees, the Kansas City T-Bones staff correctly predicted the winner of the World Series this year after coming up short with their Tampa Bay Rays selection in 2008.

The Yankees were able to win their 27th championship last night with a victory over the Philadelphia Phillies in game six, making prophets out of three T-Bones staffers:  AGM Eric Marshall, VP of Corporate Sales Scott Steckly, and Director of Merchandise Laura Hayes.  Four other members of the T-Bones’ front office picked the Yankees, but only those three were able to correctly pick the number of games.

“The Yankees had the best record in baseball, and they proved why this postseason,” said Scott.  “They have the best pitching and the best hitting, and it was too much for the Phillies.”

Marshall was more to the point when reached for comment:

“I nailed my pick.”

The complete staff pick list:
Adam Ehlert:  Phillies in 6
Chris Browne:  Phillies in 6
Eric Marshall:  Yankees in 6
Scott Steckly:  Yankees in 6

Stan Duitsman:  Yankees in 5
Kurt Sieker:  Phillies in 7
Joey Fitzgerald:  Phillies in 4
Rylan D. Brody:  Yankees in 5
Laura Hayes:  Yankees in 6
Jason Young:  Yankees in 5
Emily Hoskins:  Phillies in 6
Sherrie Stover:  Yankees in 7

Final tally:
Yankees – 7
Phillies – 5

Actual results:  Yankees in six, 4-2