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"10 Questions" with Kenny Hook

05/29/2012 8:10 AM -

While co-hosting the former “Behind the Stats” radio show, Matt Fulks and his co-hosts would end feature interviews with what they simply called “7 Questions.” We figured in honor of the T-Bones’ 10th season in Kansas City, Fulks, the T-Bones Director of Media Relations, will add three questions as you get to know your 2012 Kansas City T-Bones.

We start off this season’s “10 Questions” with the man calling the shots on the field, first-year manager Kenny Hook, who’s a Kansas City native. Keep that in mind as you read this first installment of “10 Questions.”

1. My baseball hero growing up was:
Kenny Hook: Pete Rose. I loved how he hustled and his head-first dives. My father was a huge influence on me, and he loved the “Big Red Machine” and Pete Rose. He busted his butt on the field all of the time. I tried to play like that, and I hope to instill that all-out mentality with our players.

2. My favorite sports highlight (so far) has been:
KH: Winning the league championship as a player for Amarillo in 1999. That was a great team accomplishment, but, also, I was the MVP of the series, which was pretty cool.

3. My favorite movie of all-time (or at least the one I watch whenever I see it on TV) is:
KH: “A Few Good Men.”

4. My favorite TV show is:
KH: I have two right now. “True Blood” and “Eastbound and Down.”

5. My favorite band or musician is:
KH: Tool.

6. My favorite type of food is:
KH: Italian.

7. Besides the T-Bones, of course, my favorite team is:
KH: I know this sounds like a cop-out, but as a Kansas City guy, it has to be the Royals and the Chiefs.

8. The thing I enjoy most about Kansas City is:
KH: Just the atmosphere and feel of the city. We’re a major metropolitan area with a small-town feel.

9. My message to kids who want to play a professional sport one day:
KH: Approach every practice as if it were a game.

10. The one person in history I’d love to meet is:
KH: Jackie Robinson.