VIDEO: Legendary George Toma talks with Matt Fulks

06/30/2012 1:44 PM - Quick, in 30 seconds for a grand prize of one million bucks, name 10 groundskeepers in professional sports. Oh, OK, how about five? Three? See, unless you’re a grassophile, there’s likely only name that is guaranteed to come to your mind: George Toma. He’s been called the “god of sod” and the “nitty gritty dirt man” (which is actually the title of his autobiography). Since 1957, he’s been a fixture in Kansas City sports as the groundskeeper at Municipal Stadium for the former A’s, and then the Chiefs and Royals at both Municipal and the Truman Sports Complex. He’s also prepared the field for every Super Bowl, as well as a couple Olympic stadiums and various colleges and universities. Last week, the Royals announced that Toma has been selected as a member of the club's Hall of Fame. Matt Fulks sat down with Toma for a video interview during the 5th Annual Kansas City A's Reunion, at CommunityAmerica Ballpark on June 9, 2012.

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*Disclaimer: In case you're really good and you could name 10 groundskeepers in professional sports, our apologies but you don't win. Anything. Sorry.