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PRIME 9: Kyle Nichols

08/13/2013 9:36 PM -

My idol growing up was… Dale Murphy. I grew up in the south a real big Braves fan. I used to try and emulate Dale Murphy and his whole batting stance as a kid.

If not for baseball, I would be… Working construction with my dad. That’s a tough one, because I’ve been playing baseball my whole life. My dad’s been doing construction his whole life.

My favorite type of music is… Rock. My favorite band has always been Metallica. That’s an easy one. 

One person in history I’d like to meet is… Ted Williams. My mind always goes to a baseball guy. I’d love to sit down with Ted and have a chat about his approach to hitting and his daily routine.

My favorite thing about Kansas City is… CommunityAmerica Ballpark. This ballpark is one of the best ballparks in independent league baseball and even minor league baseball. I’ve been playing for 13 years, I’ve been to a lot of ballparks… Kansas City has one of the best ballparks I’ve ever played in and the fans make it even better.

The animal I’m most scared of is… Snakes. By far. If I see a snake, it doesn’t matter what size – if it’s the size of a pencil or an anaconda, I’m gonna go the other way. I’m like the Indiana Jones of baseball. If I see a snake, I’m going to scream like a girl.

Three food items I always have in my kitchen are… well, if you ask my teammates this, I guarantee you’ll get the same answer: there’s always milk in the fridge, there’s always going to be a rack of bananas on the counter, and always either a box of cookies or box of cupcakes. I’m definitely a sweets guy.

My favorite quote is… I guess I’ll go with a Yogi Berra quote: “It’s not over ‘till it’s over.” I was raised in a preacher’s household, so if I went that route, there’s a verse in Luke that says “With God, nothing can be impossible.”

My favorite movie of all time is… I’m gonna be real cliché here and say Field of Dreams. That’s one of the best movies of all time because it just shows you – a baseball guy can understand it – the love the guy has for the game.