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Covering the Bases: Dustin Loggins

Dustin Loggins (2013 File Photo by Matthew Hicks.)
09/10/2013 3:40 AM -

Dustin Loggins, who started the 2013 season in the bullpen for Kansas City, became one of the club's most dependable (and at times, dominant) starters. In this version of "Covering the Bases," Loggins offers his three keys to preparing for a start.

1. Get mentally prepared. The first thing I do is get mentally prepared by listening to music and just getting my mind right. Then, before the game I go into the dugout and sit there and think about what I’m going to do when I get out there.

2. Get physically prepared. Coming out to the field and getting stretched out and getting a good bullpen is what I do before getting on the mound.

3. Eat good meals on the day of the game. Nutrition is always important, but that's especially true on the days that I start. I don't want to eat a bunch of junk that might affect my performance.

Emily Park of compiled this "Covering the Bases."