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An open note from Justin Bass

Justin Bass (2013 file photo by Matthew Hicks)
12/31/2013 5:23 PM -

The following are thoughts from Justin Bass, whom the T-Bones traded earlier Tuesday to Florence in the Frontier League.

"I’ve had a blast in Kansas City from day one. It was definitely ordained by God to be there because it’s been so awesome. I’ve loved every minute of it. I appreciate Kenny Hook and our coaches for giving me a chance here. Even though Kenny’s moved on, I can’t go without acknowledging him because he’s the reason I ultimately signed with the T-Bones. Then, Bill Sobbe, Andy Shipman and Frank White were great for me. It was a joy to play for them. As far as my teammates, it was an honor and a blast to play with those guys. The friendships I made will last long past my playing career — that’s the intrinsic value I take from this.

"Then there are my host families, first Bill and Donna Greer and then Pete and Patty Scott. Getting to stay with them and being a part of their life story and getting their blessings, made my life so much easier with the Kansas City T-Bones. It didn’t matter how well I did, they loved me either way. Host families play such a big part in a player’s life, and they were all a huge influence on me. Then there were the fans. Playing for the T-Bones at CommunityAmerica Ballpark, the fans make you feel like a big leaguer. Our fans respect the players and have anticipation and excitement every night. We have an awesome fan base. That was a joy and an incredible experience. I thank everyone in the front office from general manager Chris Browne to our clubhouse guys to trainer Josh Adams to Matt Fulks in media relations and broadcaster Nathan Moore, along with everyone else in the front office — including the interns. Finally, I have to thank Adam and Heather Ehlert, who were almost like another set of parents to me. They always comforted and encouraged me.

"Being a member of the T-Bones was more than playing games — it was about being part of a family and being in this together, night after night and game after game. I can’t say anything but positive things about my experience playing for the T-Bones. This place will always have a special spot in my heart. I wish new manager John Massarelli, his staff and the 2014 club nothing but the best."