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Prime 9: Kyle Disney

04/15/2016 6:45 AM -

Occasionally on, we feature a member of our front office staff with a “Prime 9.” This installment features Kyle Disney, who’s the Stadium Operations Coordinator. Disney started with the T-Bones as an intern, before taking his current position after graduating from the University of Missouri.

1. My hero growing up was: My mom. She had me when she was young and still managed to do a great job raising me. She is a very strong person who inspires me every day.
2. My favorite highlight of working with the T-Bones has been: The friendships created with the staff. I arrive at work excited to be around the ballpark with my amazing co-workers. Grounds crew dances are pretty fun, too.
3. My favorite thing about Kansas City is: The amount of family and friends that live here in Kansas City. Time out on the town is more enjoyable with close friends. Additionally, the sports atmosphere in Kansas City is second to none.
4. My favorite sports team, besides the T-Bones of course, is: The Royals. I have been watching the Royals since the Beltran, Damon, and Dye outfield. I have seen some heartbreak but witnessing this town celebrate a World Series makes it all worth it. Plus it helps having Missouri as a school to root for, it’s nice to see some winning finally…
5. My favorite movie is: "Old School." Great motion picture.
6. My favorite food is: Steak, pizza, and a nice burger.
7. My favorite musician/band or type of music is: Mainly country.
8. The biggest influence on my life has been: My brother. He’s only a year younger than me and we have been by each other’s side since the beginning. We both pushed each other to try and be the best at whatever sport we would be playing.
9. The best advice I’ve ever received is: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” -Ferris Bueller