T-Bones Looking For 2005 Host Families

12/20/2004 2:08 PM - KANSAS CITY – The T-Bones season in 2004 was filled with fun for loyal fans of the Northern League club, which got to be a part of a late-season playoff run filled with come-from-behind wins. T-Bones fans can be a part of much more fun than that for 2005, with the host family program coming back for the ballclub’s third season in Kansas City.

Fans who welcome players into their homes are rewarded with two season tickets for the 2005 season to watch their T-Bone play. The rewards go much deeper than that, however, as host families typically find themselves with a second son who becomes a part of the family in many ways.

“Our players enjoy the opportunity to be a part of a family for a summer,” said T-Bones manager “Dirty” Al Gallagher. “It’s a unique setup that benefits the players, and the families love it.” The arrangement, a rousing success in 2004, was featured in the local news media last summer.

Nancy Gallagher, wife of T-Bones manager Al Gallagher, is heading up the host family effort along with two-time host mother Julie Ann Hunter. Families who are interested should send an e-mail to Julie Ann Hunter and expect communication from either Julie Ann Hunter or Nancy Gallagher.