New food choices in '16

The Heater Dog, a dog dipped in buffalo sauce and topped with blue cheese slaw, is one of the new offerings at CommunityAmerica Ballpark this season.
06/05/2016 6:14 PM -


Now that local schools are out and families begin coming out to CommunityAmerica Ballpark on a regular basis, they can do so knowing that they, once again, won’t have to take out a second mortgage to eat at the ballpark.

Brad Six, general manager for Centerplate, says the food provider at CommunityAmerica Ballpark is targeting families with both food options and, especially, prices.

“Taking a family out to most entertainment venues is expensive when it doesn’t have to be,” Six said. “Obviously T-Bones tickets are priced right, but we want you to feel like you can come to a game and feed your family without breaking the bank.”

This season, in addition to the CommunityAmerica Ballpark “classics,” such as the coffee-rubbed ribeye and the steak sandwich, along with stadium standards of hotdogs, popcorn and pretzels, there are five new items that are a must-try during the season.

Jumbo Tenderloin (available at the Monarch Grill and Big John’s for $7.50): “Jumbo” is just one word — and almost inaccurate — to describe this monster of a sandwich. It’s definitely big enough for two. It’s reminiscent of the closing credits of the Flinstones cartoon, when the weight of the meat tips over Fred’s car. This tenderloin may do that. “I can’t wait to hear fans’ reactions when they see the tenderloin,” said Six. “It’ll have an impact.”

Slider Dogs (can be purchased at Sizzle’s Grill for $6 or $9): If you’re not in the mood for a tenderloin, but you want to share something, you can go for the Slider Dogs at three for $6 (plain) or three for $9 (loaded with homemade chili and cheese).

Heater Dog (Micro League Beers for $6.50): Looking for a little kick and something different than a regular hotdog? The Heater Dog may be for you. This is a hotdog dipped in buffalo sauce and then topped with blue cheese slaw. Definitely different; definitely good.

Beef or Chicken Philly Sandwich (at Micro League Beers for $6.50): You don’t have to go to the East Coast for a great Philly. Whether you want beef or chicken, the Philly at CommunityAmerica Ballpark is loaded with meat, onions, peppers and cheese.

Souvenir Nacho Helmet (can be purchased at T-Bones Traditionals for $10 or $15):  The words “Loaded Nachos” don’t do this item justice. Encumbered with jalapenos, nacho cheese and salsa in a helmet — easily shareable — for $10 or add pulled pork, taco meat and sour cream for $15, you’re not likely to get this item only once this season.

“Ultimately we want to create a signature item for CommunityAmerica Ballpark,” said Six, who lived in Kansas City during 2003-10, and came to T-Bones games. “Different stadiums are known for different items. I don’t know yet what it will be here, but we want baseball fans to say, ‘Hey, when you go to Kansas City for a T-Bones game, you can’t leave without getting this.” We’ll see what “this” becomes.”

Families and food weren’t the only consideration for Six when he moved back to Kansas City from Seattle in March to take over as the Centerplate GM. He had adults in mind, too.

The Natural Grill, on the concourse in left field, is now the site of Micro League Beers, which has a wide and growing selection of craft and import beers.

“My goal is for CommunityAmerica Ballpark to be the leading venue in our league for the number of craft beers,” said Six. “By changing The Natural to Micro League Beers that is now a destination area in left field.”

With the new food and beverage options, Six is doing his part to make sure CommunityAmerica Ballpark remains one of the top summer destinations in the Midwest.